Quinten: Four Weeks

It’s hard to believe, but Quinten is four weeks old already! This first month has flown by, which shouldn’t be a surprise with the holidays sprinkled in there. Here’s what Quinten is up to at four weeks: * Spending a couple hours awake each day. * Eating every two hours during the day * Eating … Continue reading Quinten: Four Weeks

Adapting to the new normal

The Leger house has adapted pretty well to our new normal. I anticipate that our normal will be ever-changing, but we’re handling the newborn stage pretty well. As I told Bryan, the newborn phase should be pretty easy because we’ve done it before. I was a little nervous that Quinten would have a completely different … Continue reading Adapting to the new normal

December 20, still a day we’ll always remember

December 20. Today I was supposed to have a scheduled c-section delivery. At 39 weeks. {Also my sister-in-law’s birthday. Happy birthday, Danielle!} This is what it looks like outside my dining room window. I’ve heard that we got 13″ of snow! The lights keep flickering and the wind is NUTS. Thunder was heard during the … Continue reading December 20, still a day we’ll always remember

Third trimester starts now!

Third trimester! Today marks my 27th week. I’ve got about 12 weeks to go. Yes, I did the math right. I haven’t formed cohesive thoughts about the delivery yet. I was recently told that I wouldn’t go past 39 weeks since I’ve been measuring a little more than a week a head. So, I know … Continue reading Third trimester starts now!

Adding to the family

Baby makes four. Whew! I don’t get worked up about the pregnancy or having a newborn by Christmas. It’s changing the number of people in our household that feels very┬áreal┬áto me. Doubling the number of children in the house. Man-to-man defense. Yikes! We’re pretty laid-back at our house. Naturally, we haven’t spent a lot of … Continue reading Adding to the family

Back from a blogging break with BIG news!

When you take a blogging break, you should come back with a vengeance. Maximus wants to tell you something…notice the scrunched face. I love that nose! {Picture: Stalzer Photograpy} My pregnancy wasn’t the reason for my blogging break, but it did contribute to it. It’s not a surprise to most that my first trimester was … Continue reading Back from a blogging break with BIG news!

Will I remember the “important” stuff with another baby?

As I was laying in bed this morning, I was thinking about the past 18-months. Even though a lot has happened, it’s gone quickly. When other mother’s ask me questions about babies, I have a hard time remembering specifics. I think we unswaddled him around 5 months. I think he got his first tooth between … Continue reading Will I remember the “important” stuff with another baby?