Back from a blogging break with BIG news!

When you take a blogging break, you should come back with a vengeance.

Maximus wants to tell you something…notice the scrunched face. I love that nose!

{Picture: Stalzer Photograpy}

My pregnancy wasn’t the reason for my blogging break, but it did contribute to it. It’s not a surprise to most that my first trimester was full of exhaustion and feeling sick. Everything from heartburn to nausea to food aversions and headaches. One of my biggest hurdles was getting dizzy. You can’t do much online if you’re dizzy. You also can’t read a book to pass the time. There’s not a lot to do other than sleep! This time around it wasn’t as bad on me, but it still wasn’t a walk in the park. Food budgets were blown because I didn’t want to eat anything other than greasy junk. Dinners were stressful because I didn’t have the energy to plan or move from the couch. I tried to be a helper at home, but the reality is that I wasn’t good for much those first couple of months. Thankfully almost all of that has ended and I’ve gotten energy back and am now actively participating in the nighttime routines.

As most people say, a second pregnancy doesn’t stay hidden. The weekend we found out I had trouble fitting into pants. I’ve had my ups and downs with clothes, but I’ve reached a steady point where things don’t button. Not even in the morning! We made it until 16 weeks the first time before we announced. This time we only made it to 13 weeks and more than a handful of people responded with “I knew it!” I believe that was the nice way of saying, “Yah, duh. Look at your stomach. You’re fat!” I haven’t gotten any comments about my size yet, but it’s nice to not have to keep it in. 🙂

I’m 14 weeks along with a due date of December 27. In my mind the timing isn’t ideal, but a blessing of this kind is. We will find out the sex during our 20 week ultrasound. There’s a little part of me that would like to be surprised, but the realistic part shoots that idea down. A Christmas baby who may not have any gender correct clothes to wear? No way, man! I hate the cold as it is, I’m not venturing out to buy new clothes in the dead of winter. {But I get to live in sweats and hoodies; my size won’t matter!}

Maximus is clueless at this point. He did learn the word baby a few weeks ago. It’s a lot like “BAY-BEE,” but you can still tell what he’s saying. In an effort to tell me the word he has accidentally said, “mama baybee” a few times. The irony is funny to Bryan and I. He’s rubbed my stomach a few times as well when I’m getting dressed. I’m not sure if he’s noticed that it’s bigger or if he’s just being a weird toddler. {I vote weird toddler!} I’m excited to see the big brother that he’ll be, but not impatient enough to wish away the summer. Besides, I’ve got a two-year birthday party to plan!

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