Socks. Lots and lots of socks. 

When I used to get baby and toddler socks, I thought they were so cute. Our most recent gift was a bunch of crew cut mustaches. MUSTACHES! As if my two-year-old could possibly exist without mustache socks. seriously. I don’t even care that the colors don’t match his outfits. They make the outfit.  Socks. Small … Continue reading Socks. Lots and lots of socks. 

Little brother stereotypes, unlocked.

When it comes to second-child stereotypes, Quinten is the poster-child for many things. Ornery and sweet are the most common descriptions of our little blondie. Other names we call him: turkey, firecracker, and trouble maker. Although ornery shows itself more often than the sweet, he still gives killer hugs. Like, squeeze as hard as his little two-year-old … Continue reading Little brother stereotypes, unlocked.

Guess who turned two!

When you’re the second baby you don’t get as much blog time. Then again, if he had been born first he still wouldn’t have much blog time. He’s a handful and a half! Put them together and it’s a little wild around here. In the best way possible, obviously. 🙂 Quinten turned two yesterday. It’s … Continue reading Guess who turned two!

The gift of children

It’s quiet on Leger Lane. Only adult things are filling up the space. Parenthood marathon on the tv and laundry in the washing machine. The lights are turned down and the Christmas tree is letting off a colorful array of twinkling. I spent almost two hours picking up, switching out decorations, and putting lights on the … Continue reading The gift of children

Christmas cheer

Lest you wonder what it’s like to live with boys. One is getting every item out and running around like a crazy preschooler. The other is throwing ornaments at the tree and taking the tops off the ornaments. Many things were broken and torn apart during Quinten’s 30 minutes of “helping.” chaos. at least 90% … Continue reading Christmas cheer

The name calling begins

It didn’t happen how I expected it to. And Quinten won’t realize it until much later in his life.   Maximus: “Mommy, does Quinten have a baby in his tummy?” Me: “No, he doesn’t have a baby in his tummy.” Maximus: “Then why is his tummy so big?!” Me: “Because he just ate …”   … Continue reading The name calling begins

From his mouth to my ears

There are a lot of funny conversations at our house. Unfortunately, a lot of them are forgotten. However, here’s one that I couldn’t forget! Maximus: “Mommy, when are we going to have a baby?” Me: “A what?!” Maximus: “When are we going to have another Quinten. We need another one.” Me: “HA! I don’t think we … Continue reading From his mouth to my ears