Making it

It’s pretty easy to crop out the mess or edit the words to spin the story into a fairytale, especially on social media. When you don’t have time for people to come over, the chances are low that anyone will know what it’s really like inside your house, or even your life. My life is so busy right … Continue reading Making it

The gift of children

It’s quiet on Leger Lane. Only adult things are filling up the space. Parenthood marathon on the tv and laundry in the washing machine. The lights are turned down and the Christmas tree is letting off a colorful array of twinkling. I spent almost two hours picking up, switching out decorations, and putting lights on the … Continue reading The gift of children

Overwhelming love

Overwhelming love. I lay in bed at night and smile to myself while I think about that goofy little toddler. Being laid up for so long has helped me see things in a different light. I just sit here and watch him. I watch him run quickly to follow his dada. Not letting anything escape … Continue reading Overwhelming love