Life as a conductor

Life around these parts lately. Anything goes since mommy is stuck on the couch 24/7. And daddy, well, he’s doing whatever it takes to get by. Maximus is BUSY, which means my living room looks like an explosion of primary colors.

































iPhone pictures are the only thing that gets taken lately. I tried to pull out the camera a couple of days ago, but chubby little hands came flying at me. Since I’m stuck on his level, it didn’t bode too well for the Nikon. It’s much easier to sneak phone pictures.

2 thoughts on “Life as a conductor

  1. How much longer are you confined to the couch? I can’t imagine wrangling a busy toddler while laid up.

    1. Right now it looks like the three weeks I have this new cast. I get it off at the end of Feb. But, if I start to feel like I can be upright more then I can ask to be released to 1/2 days at work. Right now that doesn’t seem like it’ll happen.

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