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Experienced corporate marketing expert with non-profit and small business experience telling brand stories and finding value messages to bring in more clients and meet business goals.

Creating content that makes marketing easy.

KLM Newsletters

Welcome to the Kyley Leger Marketing newsletter! I’m excited to share marketing tips, talk about what I’m reading {maybe business, maybe fun, or maybe growth!}, and share a little behind the scenes of my business. Very casual. 

But also, maybe show you how simple it can be to create a monthly communication to your audience. You may be a friend, client, or future client, but I hope to create content that informs and entertains you {not like jokes, but content that keeps your attention}. I hope this newsletter can be some kind of inspiration – in business or your personal life!

February 2023

Celebrating accomplishments in 2022 and looking forward to big goals in 2023! This month’s marketing tip is about planning out your content before you sit down to write it.

November 2022

Celebrating big projects and finding my groove as an entrepreneur. This month’s marketing tip is about creating attainable social media goals.

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