6 Best Practices for Creating Social Media Content

I understand first hand how hard it can be creating social media content. You have it on your to-do list and it just feels overwhelming. You’re not sure where to start or maybe you know the things you need to do – create a plan, schedule content, watch your analytics – but you don’t know … Continue reading 6 Best Practices for Creating Social Media Content

How to Use Analytics

Tip: Once a month, record your stats and see how the trends change from month to month. Depending on your social media goals, one of these metrics may be more important to your business strategy. If you’re looking at overall effectiveness, it’s important to keep track of all metrics. If your reach increased 10x but … Continue reading How to Use Analytics

Social Media Tips

Are you wondering how to show up in your social media channels during the COVID-19 global pandemic? It can feel be overwhelming to figure out what the¬†perfect message is during times like this. I’m here to tell you anything with sincerity is better than nothing at all.