How to Use Analytics

Tip: Once a month, record your stats and see how the trends change from month to month.

  • Likes & Comments show how engaged your audience is with your content. It shows if they relate to what you’re saying.
  • Shares show if your audience thinks your content is relatable to THEIR audience. If they find your content helpful, funny, or relatable to share with others.
  • Impression is how many people see your content. The same person can be counted multiple times. The key is actual people seeing the content.
  • Reach is the potential number of people who could see your content. The key is potential – who COULD see your content.

Depending on your social media goals, one of these metrics may be more important to your business strategy. If you’re looking at overall effectiveness, it’s important to keep track of all metrics. If your reach increased 10x but your likes/comments/shares don’t change at all, then you need to re-evaluate the content.

Use your data to determine what type of content your audience engages with the most.

  • Are certain themes not getting attention?
  • Are types of content (story, reel, carousel, static image) getting better engagement?
  • Compare your efforts of creating content to engagement then move on to another idea.
  • Do certain visuals attract more attention?

Remember, you won’t normally get a wide swing in one direction or another for metrics. When you make changes, give yourself time for your audience to come along with you.

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