If you’re like me, you can get overwhelmed by all of the options when you’re looking at a new product or service. Below are some of my favorite resources for health, work, and life. The below links are affiliate links, but all products are ones that I use daily and love.

  • FloDesk – I use this platform to send my monthly emails, manage my email list, set up my back end list, and sell digital products. Get 50% off first year! Click HERE!
  • Planoly – I use this to schedule my Instagram and Facebook content. I can see the grid to visually plan content and look at metrics. I use this because it’s one place that publishes content to multiple platforms. Click HERE!
  • Walli Case – I’m in love with the cardholder place so in the summer I can ditch the purse and just grab my phone! I’ve been using some kind of loop for years and I can’t imagine my phone without one at this point. Click HERE! Code KYLEY61705 gets you $5 off.
  • Primally Pure – Due to my autoimmune disorders, I am very conscious of added toxins from my environment and products. I love the way my skin feels with Primally Pure and I know I’m giving it safe products. Get $10 off a $50 (or more) purchase. Click HERE!
  • Athletic Greens – Due to my autoimmune disorders, I am very conscious about the foods I eat. I never get enough daily veggies. With my doctors recommendation, I’m taking Athletic Greens every day! If you’re trying to get more of the good stuff, I highly recommend AGI! Get 5 free travel packs and Vitamin D3 + K2. Click HERE!
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