Quinten lately







Quinten can do everything Maximus can do. Just ask him. Doesn’t matter that he doesn’t talk much. He prefers to scream, yell, and grunt. In that order. His favorite activities are messing with the dog, driving things around, and doing what his brother does. He’s blurry in a lot of my pictures, but has reached the age of “cheeese!!!” Even if I’m not taking a picture, but just looking at my phone. Somewhere along the way, Bryan let him close the garage door after they come home each night. I didn’t know this until I tried carrying him in the house once and he grabbed onto the door frame as I walked past. I almost lost my arm because he has a strong grip and I didn’t see it coming. He screamed and kicked when I shut the door. Only later did I learn that he was supposed to push the garage door button. Right. It didn’t take him long to figure out that every room has light switches. So he grunts and cries until he gets to turn one on or off. And he smiles and claps when he does it. He claps for a lot of things. Himself and others, but mostly himself.

Paving his way


Raking … the sidewalk


Trying to break free of the deck and kicking the dog





Sitting on the dog


Reading a book


Copying Maximus and wearing his fireman outfit


Throwing a ball


Happy Easter!


He’s a spitfire and a cuddle bug and I wouldn’t want him to be any other way!

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