From his mouth to my ears

There are a lot of funny conversations at our house. Unfortunately, a lot of them are forgotten. However, here’s one that I couldn’t forget!

Maximus: “Mommy, when are we going to have a baby?”
Me: “A what?!”
Maximus: “When are we going to have another Quinten. We need another one.”
Me: “HA! I don’t think we can handle another Quinten.”
Maximus: whining “But I want one!”
Me: “Do you want a baby because your friend is going to have a baby?”
Maximus: “Yes! When are we going to have a baby?”
Me: “Ha, I’m not sure that we’re going to…”

It’s a good thing three-year-olds get distracted easily. He let me off the hook pretty easily. Next time he brings it up I’ll have to remind him that we only have two bedrooms so him and Quinten will have to share…



2 thoughts on “From his mouth to my ears

  1. Fiona's Mom

    Be careful with that “threat” – my girls LOVE sharing a room! Late night shenanigans are better with a partner. And older sib can use little sib as a patsy in the schemes.

    1. I haven’t said it out loud, I think Maximus would jump on it! He maybe wouldn’t like it later, but I’m sure it would sound fun!

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