From his mouth to my ears

There are a lot of funny conversations at our house. Unfortunately, a lot of them are forgotten. However, here’s one that I couldn’t forget!

Maximus: “Mommy, when are we going to have a baby?”
Me: “A what?!”
Maximus: “When are we going to have another Quinten. We need another one.”
Me: “HA! I don’t think we can handle another Quinten.”
Maximus: whining “But I want one!”
Me: “Do you want a baby because your friend is going to have a baby?”
Maximus: “Yes! When are we going to have a baby?”
Me: “Ha, I’m not sure that we’re going to…”

It’s a good thing three-year-olds get distracted easily. He let me off the hook pretty easily. Next time he brings it up I’ll have to remind him that we only have two bedrooms so him and Quinten will have to share…




The Crazy Laugh

Summer is in full swing in Iowa. It’s hot and humid and I won’t complain even a little bit. I love it. All of it!

Quinten has always been feisty. From not sleeping to pulling on the dog’s ears to biting. This weekend he added another element to his character. The Crazy Laugh.

Enjoy. And bring a bottle of wine when you come over, because this is just the beginning.

Quinten lately







Quinten can do everything Maximus can do. Just ask him. Doesn’t matter that he doesn’t talk much. He prefers to scream, yell, and grunt. In that order. His favorite activities are messing with the dog, driving things around, and doing what his brother does. He’s blurry in a lot of my pictures, but has reached the age of “cheeese!!!” Even if I’m not taking a picture, but just looking at my phone. Somewhere along the way, Bryan let him close the garage door after they come home each night. I didn’t know this until I tried carrying him in the house once and he grabbed onto the door frame as I walked past. I almost lost my arm because he has a strong grip and I didn’t see it coming. He screamed and kicked when I shut the door. Only later did I learn that he was supposed to push the garage door button. Right. It didn’t take him long to figure out that every room has light switches. So he grunts and cries until he gets to turn one on or off. And he smiles and claps when he does it. He claps for a lot of things. Himself and others, but mostly himself.


Paving his way



Raking … the sidewalk



Trying to break free of the deck and kicking the dog






Sitting on the dog



Reading a book



Copying Maximus and wearing his fireman outfit



Throwing a ball



Happy Easter!


He’s a spitfire and a cuddle bug and I wouldn’t want him to be any other way!

Two boys with very different personalities

I can’t write things down quick enough these days. A little boy on the verge of turning four and a baby on the brink of 18-month do-it-myself-ness. That’s a lot of new things each day. Things that make us laugh, shake our head, or sigh in exasperation. They are each going to push us in different ways. Where one will be easy, the other will be hard. We’ve already seen this and it only seems to be amplified each day. I think one might be glass half full while the other is half empty. And they will probably switch opinions based on the situation. Their bond is growing stronger every day, but we haven’t been quick enough to document it.

Quinten, the bouncer. 

He recently decided that he likes to sit on people and bounce up and down. I found this out the hard way. He climbed on my stomach when I was laying on the floor. Wrigley has also found out the hard way, usually when he’s fast asleep. Quinten thinks it’s funny to 1. sit on the dog, and 2. bounce on him. Wrigley doesn’t agree with this logic. Quinten took it a step further this weekend. He sat on Maximus while he was on the floor. And when he started bouncing up and down, Maximus started giggling. That made Quinten giggle and the next thing we knew they were rolling around on the floor. There have also been a handful of times when Quinten plopped down on Maximus’ lap and no one screamed or pushed the other. Did it actually happen if there’s no photographic evidence?


Building up their immune system together at the doctor office.


Maximus, the toy giver.

This one doesn’t happen very often. It’s usually the opposite of sharing, but I asked Maximus to get Quinten a car to play with and he worked really hard to find him a toy. He wanted to find the right toy, which wasn’t in the house. We usually have to break up tantrums after they both fight over the same toy. This time Maximus willingly went to find a toy before he started playing with one that we both knew Quinten would want. Progress. Major progress. And much less screaming.


Quinten, the spinner. 

Another new trick that he pulled out last week. Spinning in circles. It’s as fast as a 16-month-old can do it, but it’s pretty funny. Luckily, no injuries have been sustained yet. However, since he doesn’t understand when we tell him to move or stop, I suspect this won’t last too long. He spins around a few times and then bobs and weaves a bit before falling to the ground and laughing. What’s funnier than watching a baby sway across the floor? Of course he doesn’t usually do it just once.


Evening snuggles


Maximus, the imaginer.

His mind is always going. Always remembering and always plotting. Always looking to the next thing. Every night we go through a list a questions. “Mommy, what are we going to do after we get up? And then what? And then what? What next?” He got up from his nap yesterday and showed me some blocks he had put together, “Look Mommy! This is the shooter guy.” Sure. He likes making up songs, too. Those are usually too random for me to remember. Yesterday he sang a song about the Easter bunny. “Eeee-aster bunny. Eeee-aster bunny….” My mom brain took over and I can’t remember the rest, but it was something about the Easter bunny bringing eggs and shoes and sunglasses.


Quinten, the professional walker. 

Besides spinning in circles, he’s also a master at running. If you need a good laugh, come to my house. His cheeks jiggle when he runs and his little chubby legs carry him much faster than you’d ever imagine. He also has his sights set on where he’s going. There’s no changing that direction unless you pick him up, but beware of the moving limbs! He spent a little time practicing walking backwards in our living room. The look on his face was absolutely priceless. He gave us the side-eye as he  s l o w l y  started walking backwards. As he got more confident, he started grinning.


The worker and his boss.


Brothers, the supporters.

Since Quinten is learning a lot of new things, we all clap for him a lot. When he puts his drink back on his tray (instead of throwing it on the floor), we all cheer for him. Sometimes when we aren’t next to him, Maximus cheers for him when he uses his fork and spoon or puts his drink down. Quinten loves the support! Quinten recently clapped at me for putting him into his carseat. I’m told the day before he “helped” Bryan with the snaps and then clapped. Whatever, I still did a good job! 😉 Maximus has been into walking OVER cracks when we go on walks. (Also, walking and not sitting in the stroller.) “We have to step over the cracks, Mommy.” Last night, Bryan and Maximus were jumping over the cracks. After a few lessons and a few successes, I looked down at Quinten and saw him clapping at them. He did it a few more times before they realized he was clapping for them.


For all the crazy, hectic, loud moments at our house, there are just as many sweet, quiet, loving moments. From two boys who love to give hugs and kisses to two hyped up little people running through my house. We seem to see and feel it all these days. Looking at life through the eyes of children is definitely the place to be!


The closest to a picture of them sitting together.

My little hockey boys

We’re doing everything we can around here to keep busy. Usually that means toys everywhere. They creep from their spots in other parts of the house and all end up in my living room and kitchen. We’re doing pretty good at not losing things. Somehow. However, we only have one child who looks for specific things. And the baby does a good job of taking Maximus’ things out of his bed when no one is watching. So, we do lose the really important things from time-to-time. Maximus’ room is a mess of toys, because that’s Quinten’s second favorite place to play. In the midst of all the chaos of trucks and animated toys, we have one mini hockey stick {that we pulled from a garbage at the softball diamonds two years ago}. It used to be an outside toy, as it should be, but somehow it made it into my basement and eventually into my living room. Maximus learned early on what high-sticking was. It doesn’t mean he follows it, but we try to stick to the hockey rules. 🙂

Quinten is relatively harmless with a hockey stick. He plays by himself quite often. Every once in awhile he needs some help because he hits a ball under the coffee table. He gives it his best shot by laying down on the floor and peeking under it. Sometimes he tries to use his stick to get the ball out, but he’s not quite coordinated enough yet. But, he is pretty good at hitting the ball around with the stick. He holds the stick one-handed and alternates between hands. It’s pretty awesome to watch him walk around the house playing hockey! It’s also cool to watch Maximus play because he tries to stick handle like Bryan does.

Snow much fun

During the winter that doesn’t end and the snow that won’t quit falling, Quinten finally had his first snow experience. He doesn’t have snow pants {because Maximus is still wearing his 18mon ones. And no they don’t actually fit him. Mom fail!}, but he does have a winter coat. Of course he didn’t have his coat on. It was in the house. He’s never worn gloves either, but there were plenty of them in the house, too. He does wear a hat every day, but he takes it off 30 seconds after we put it on. So, basically I put him in the snow with cloth “shoes” and a fleece coat. I know, everyone should look up to me as their mommy role model. 😉 I should mention that it was somewhere in the teens outside, but the sun was out. When you live in Iowa, that basically means we could have been out there in shorts because it’s been so long since we’ve seen the sun.


Anyway. Rambling. Lots of it. I’m not used to having quiet time to write. And of course it’s not actually quiet. Maximus is now hovering over me asking me to touch the M over and over and over again. And this is why I don’t have time to blog anymore! So, I put Quinten down on the snow {I made sure he wasn’t on the ice} because I wanted to see what he would do. Maximus was busy shoveling. Quinten’s first move was to bend down like he was going to touch it. And then something made him stop. I really wanted him to pick some up so I could see his reaction. He’s a very animated kid so it would have been funny.


He stood there watching Maximus and watching Bryan snow blow. Then he started hollering at Bryan. He was yelling, “DAAA! DADA!!!” When he realized Bryan wasn’t going to pay attention to him, he started walking around. At this point I did think that his feet were probably cold and maybe wet. But, I let him go.


He was super excited to run into the garage, but I was nervous he was going to slip and fall. He went in and out of the garage a few times until I decided we needed to go inside. My hands were cold and he very little hair on his head. I picked him up and he cried the whole way into the house. Also a normal thing. Don’t stop him from doing something that he wants to do!


Maximus has enjoyed winter a lot. Even though it’s been freezing, he still wants to go outside every time it snows. I guess that’s what it’s like to be three. You don’t feel the cold. He spends a lot of time on the back deck shoveling the snow. And Quinten stands at the door and watches. And as you can see, Quinten {and the dog} both lick the glass door a lot. It’s basically pointless to clean it.






I usually do things in the living room or kitchen while Maximus is outside. He knows he can’t go down the steps so I don’t worry about him too much. I glanced out the window one afternoon and didn’t see him. I peeked around the corner and found him like this…



…trying to make snow angels! I didn’t know he even knew what they were. He was flapping his arms and legs, doing the best he could. That same day he told me he “really, really want{ed} to make a snowman. I need you to give me a big, huge carrot for his nose!” I suppose tv, books, and daycare taught him what a snowman was, because we’ve never done that either. It sounds like we have a lot of great winter snow opportunities ahead of us! 🙂

As the long winter has stretched on, Maximus has gone from being afraid of the snow blower to being able to be out with Bryan while he uses it. Bryan may not like the extra work that is causes him, but it’s pretty cute to watch. Maximus follows him and pushes a very unstraight line of snow across the driveway. His line usually crosses into the newly cleared path that Bryan has just created. 🙂



I’m ready for the snow and cold to be over, but the boys are making the best of it!

Part fish, part baby

Quinten was purposely left off the swimming class list. If I’m paying for kids to be in swimming lessons, the baby can wait. I suspected that he would love it since he loves the bath tub, but he’s going to have to wait until his time. We went to a pool birthday party this weekend. I walked with him into the zero depth area and he opened his mouth and cried. There were no tears, but he made his opinion known. I made him stand there for a little bit with the water lapping over his chubby feet. Then, we went out. Five minutes later we tried it again. This time I plopped him down and he gave me thelook, again. I splashed the water and saw the lightbulb go off in his head. This is a giant bath tub! It didn’t take him long before he was crawling around in the water!


After we got bored of the zero depth, we took the boys into another pool. Right away I put Quinten’s head on my shoulder and he didn’t have a care in the world about laying on his back. I expected some resistance, but there was none. We walked around the pool and then I turned him over on his stomach. Again, no worries. His legs were out straight and he chewed on his hands a little. It blew my mind so much, even though it was exactly what I thought would happen. I’m used to having Maximus in the water. As far as he’s come from that first class, he still knows fear so he gets skittish sometimes.


Since Quinten appeared to have no fears with the water, I told Bryan he should put him under to see what he did. At 13 months, I assumed we were past the stage of instinct. Nope. No cares, again. Under and out with his eyes open, mouth open, and no choking or coughing. A few times he wiped at his eyes, otherwise he put his fingers back in his mouth when he came back up. Now, he wasn’t smiling or laughing so I don’t think he loved it, but he didn’t hate it either. And he wasn’t scared. He was just indifferent.

Quinten’s first dunk in the water from Kyley Leger on Vimeo.