Part fish, part baby

Quinten was purposely left off the swimming class list. If I’m paying for kids to be in swimming lessons, the baby can wait. I suspected that he would love it since he loves the bath tub, but he’s going to have to wait until his time. We went to a pool birthday party this weekend. I walked with him into the zero depth area and he opened his mouth and cried. There were no tears, but he made his opinion known. I made him stand there for a little bit with the water lapping over his chubby feet. Then, we went out. Five minutes later we tried it again. This time I plopped him down and he gave me thelook, again. I splashed the water and saw the lightbulb go off in his head. This is a giant bath tub! It didn’t take him long before he was crawling around in the water!


After we got bored of the zero depth, we took the boys into another pool. Right away I put Quinten’s head on my shoulder and he didn’t have a care in the world about laying on his back. I expected some resistance, but there was none. We walked around the pool and then I turned him over on his stomach. Again, no worries. His legs were out straight and he chewed on his hands a little. It blew my mind so much, even though it was exactly what I thought would happen. I’m used to having Maximus in the water. As far as he’s come from that first class, he still knows fear so he gets skittish sometimes.


Since Quinten appeared to have no fears with the water, I told Bryan he should put him under to see what he did. At 13 months, I assumed we were past the stage of instinct. Nope. No cares, again. Under and out with his eyes open, mouth open, and no choking or coughing. A few times he wiped at his eyes, otherwise he put his fingers back in his mouth when he came back up. Now, he wasn’t smiling or laughing so I don’t think he loved it, but he didn’t hate it either. And he wasn’t scared. He was just indifferent.

Quinten’s first dunk in the water from Kyley Leger on Vimeo.

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