My little hockey boys

We’re doing everything we can around here to keep busy. Usually that means toys everywhere. They creep from their spots in other parts of the house and all end up in my living room and kitchen. We’re doing pretty good at not losing things. Somehow. However, we only have one child who looks for specific things. And the baby does a good job of taking Maximus’ things out of his bed when no one is watching. So, we do lose the really important things from time-to-time. Maximus’ room is a mess of toys, because that’s Quinten’s second favorite place to play. In the midst of all the chaos of trucks and animated toys, we have one mini hockey stick {that we pulled from a garbage at the softball diamonds two years ago}. It used to be an outside toy, as it should be, but somehow it made it into my basement and eventually into my living room. Maximus learned early on what high-sticking was. It doesn’t mean he follows it, but we try to stick to the hockey rules. 🙂

Quinten is relatively harmless with a hockey stick. He plays by himself quite often. Every once in awhile he needs some help because he hits a ball under the coffee table. He gives it his best shot by laying down on the floor and peeking under it. Sometimes he tries to use his stick to get the ball out, but he’s not quite coordinated enough yet. But, he is pretty good at hitting the ball around with the stick. He holds the stick one-handed and alternates between hands. It’s pretty awesome to watch him walk around the house playing hockey! It’s also cool to watch Maximus play because he tries to stick handle like Bryan does.

2 thoughts on “My little hockey boys

  1. Sara

    HOCKEY! Awesome “indoor” sport to pass the winter. Just keep the stick on the ground, boys!

    1. Given your recent shovel mishap, I can understand why you’d stress that the sticks stay on the ground! That stick ended up being the best “dumpster dive” we’ve ever done. And Bryan scoffed at the idea! I think we probably need to get another one before the fighting starts!

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