Two boys with very different personalities

I can’t write things down quick enough these days. A little boy on the verge of turning four and a baby on the brink of 18-month do-it-myself-ness. That’s a lot of new things each day. Things that make us laugh, shake our head, or sigh in exasperation. They are each going to push us in … Continue reading Two boys with very different personalities

Watching their brotherly love develop

It was what got me most excited about having another boy. That brotherly love that I knew would happen some day. I hope it’ll last a lifetime and they’ll be really close, but whatever their relationship is I know it will be perfect. Something happened with Maximus when he turned three. He suddenly grew up … Continue reading Watching their brotherly love develop

Brotherly love

We’ve been soaking up life at home. Carrying on conversations with Maximus like he’s an adult. At supper we try to talk about our days, teaching him to talk to your loved ones. It kills me when he rests his chin on his hand and says, “daddy, what you have for lunch?” It usually turns … Continue reading Brotherly love

How different brothers are

Having a second baby is a lot like riding a bike for us. Feed the baby, change the baby’s diaper, swaddle the baby, and wait to start the cycle all over again. That’s about the only thing that is the same. Quinten has made his differences known since day one. He came out with a … Continue reading How different brothers are