Brotherly love

We’ve been soaking up life at home. Carrying on conversations with Maximus like he’s an adult. At supper we try to talk about our days, teaching him to talk to your loved ones. It kills me when he rests his chin on his hand and says, “daddy, what you have for lunch?” It usually turns … Continue reading Brotherly love

Family love

Having a baby at the end of a calendar year means I go into my maternity leave with no vacation. That’s because our new vacation calendar starts January 1. While it sounds amazing to take vacation the week before a new baby arrives, it just wasn’t practical. Not practical in the sense of never actually … Continue reading Family love


    What’s a birthday party without a little cake? What’s a birthday party without some candles? What’s a birthday party without some cards? How do you truly celebrate 90 wonderful years of living?  How do you have a birthday party that shows how much you love someone? June 9, 2010 is the day my grandmother … Continue reading Party!