Thankful for my many blessings

I have so much to be thankful for. I’m thankful for all the regular things: a job that I love, a house with heat, food on the table, and a car with four-wheel drive. But there’s so much more than just the regular things. Note: please don’t assume that I take any of the above for granted. I truly appreciate and am thankful for all of that, but that’s not where my post is going.

I’m thankful for friends that really ‘get me.’

Much like finding your soul mate, finding best friends can be like finding a needle in a haystack. I’m blessed with many friends who I call my best friends. They are the ones who really understand me. They are the ones who are always there for me, mentally or physically. They push me to be a better person. They can tell me I’m wrong. They know just what to say when I’m down. They know when I just need someone to listen. They know how to have fun. They love me unconditionally. No matter what. So many things go into a friendship and not everyone is a fit. I know good friends are hard to find. And I know that I am blessed to have many that I call my true friends.

I am thankful for a wonderful family.

I’m so happy with my life and more specifically, my family. I love my family. I get along with my family. I have fun with my family. My family does not judge me. My family is always there for me. And I’m always there for them. Not everyone loves their family. Or maybe better put, not everyone gets along with their family. I am happy/proud/thankful to say that I not only get along with my family but I LOVE them too!

Now that I have a baby, I am even more thankful to be close to my family. Last week my daycare provider was on vacation. I knew I had enough family members who would love to spend the day with Maximus. So, Bryan and I each took a day but we left the rest of the week for those other favorite ladies that Maximus has in his life. Bryan’s mom came over one day, my mom came over one day, and Maximus went out to my sister’s house one day. Everyone had great days with him. No one had any meltdowns. And only my sister had to deal with an outfit-changing-wet-diaper, two hours after his arrival. And, she was blessed with a blowout ten minutes before she dropped him off at my house.  Maximus shares the love. He picks no favorites when it comes to outfit changes and blowouts. For instance, on Saturday he went through THREE outfits. THREE. And peed on Bryan once. So, sister of mine, at least he didn’t pee ON you. 🙂

We’re back to our regular schedules this week, but I’m so glad that Maximus got to spend quality time with his grandma’s and aunt. I’m glad they got to have quality one-on-one time with him without sharing him with the many other family members. I’m glad they had a chance to bond with him and create memories with him. I’m so blessed to have family here who will watch Maximus whenever we need it.

While I am thankful for a job that I love, a house with heat, food on the table, and a car with four-wheel drive, I thank God for the important things in life. I thank Him for the things and people who get me through each day: my friends and family.

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