Figure it out, stick to it, and proof read!

2 thoughts on “Figure it out, stick to it, and proof read!”

  1. I’ll admit, I am a grammar snob. 🙂 But not so much in casual writing…like blogs. I enjoy reader-friendly writing and I think people should have a concept of the basics like “your/you’re”, “there/their/they’re”, but spelling errors that happen from typing quickly etc, aren’t a big deal to me.

    What I appreciate the most…honesty. Good and bad. I don’t enjoy reading when I don’t feel someone is authentic.

    All that being said, I enjoy your blog! I don’t always comment, but I read and I love watching M grow too. 🙂 He and Lily are so close in age that it’s fun for me to see a boy his age. My OWN boy is 11!



    1. You nailed it Steph! I think I also give more room for error when it’s a blog. And, I love the casual voice because it helps me connect with the reader.

      I have been enjoying your comments. I promise I will show the love too! My reader is really full right now. I have a lot of catching up to do! Please don’t speak of ELEVEN YEAR OLD CHILDREN! Let’s bask in the 6 month olds for a bit longer….


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