Blogging is like…riding a bike?

You never forget how to ride a bike, right? Please tell me blogging is a lot like that! It appears I took a two month blogging break. I wish I could tell you about all these amazing things we did while I was away, but that’s not true. Really I spent that time doing NOTHING, … Continue reading Blogging is like…riding a bike?

Blogging and Children

My mommy mind wanders around a lot. One of the things I keep coming back to is the balance of the Internet and life. What’s over-sharing and what’s ok. We live in a social world. Social networking is everywhere. Facebook here. Twitter there. YouTube over there. And blogging over here. I’ve mentioned my career a … Continue reading Blogging and Children

Figure it out, stick to it, and proof read!

Words are my friends. I enjoy writing them. I really enjoy reading them. It would make perfect sense that I studied them in school. I don’t criticize the way others use them. I don’t correct the mistakes others make. I do enjoy a good, grammatically correct read. I also enjoy a grammatically incorrect read if … Continue reading Figure it out, stick to it, and proof read!