Blogging is like…riding a bike?

You never forget how to ride a bike, right? Please tell me blogging is a lot like that! It appears I took a two month blogging break. I wish I could tell you about all these amazing things we did while I was away, but that’s not true. Really I spent that time doing NOTHING, which in itself is also amazing.

Toddler goes to bed, then I relax. It really was nice. It took me a while to let the guilt subside that I should be blogging or doing this or that or being visible on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. But then I let the relaxing take over. Eventually it became routine.

The funny thing is I took this break right after I had started planning some major things for my online presence. Then I went MIA. Irony? Foreshadowing? Who knows, but I think I’m ready to be back! I think the two months gave me the energy to tackle this “thing” again. I do miss it, but I needed some time to rejuvenate ME. There just wasn’t enough me time. My life was filled with others, including the Internet.

I’m not starting out with an overly ambitious goal. I’m just going to follow my heart. No forced posts. I’m going to get back to my feelings and what I want to post. Not what I should post.

The funny thing about me coming back on a Friday? I’m not a weekend blogger. So, we’ll see if there’s anything new on Monday! 🙂 I do hope you’ll follow me back, I do plan some exciting things over the coming months. This toddler who lives in my house is a riot and I want to tell you all about him!

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