All hands on deck

4 thoughts on “All hands on deck”

  1. I don’t bathe Lily everyday either. Winter is too much for that. Her cheeks tend to get dry easily, I’ve noticed.

    I love the pictures! So funny with his hands behind his head! Adorable M!!!


    1. I’m thankful that he doesn’t need the same bedtime routine to fall asleep. He’s tired if he has or doesn’t have a bath!

      His hands crack me up! He’s like a little old man; always holding them or laying on them.


  2. I had to share these cute pictures with your other work friends in Eden Prairie. The consensus is that you have a handsome little man!

    From Fiona’s Mom 😉


    1. Aww, thanks to all my Emerson buddies! 🙂

      I think Fiona’s mom needs to make sure that little girl doesn’t crawl! AH! I almost died watching that video and then Maximus tried do something similar this morning. No more Fiona videos for him!


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