#Winning at Life

#Winning. If you’re around the Twitter world, you’re familiar with the phrase. If something goes your way, you may use the hashtag #winning. If something doesn’t go your way, you may use the hashtag #fail. It’s a perception. Sometimes it can be crippling and hold you back. Other times it can help you keep that … Continue reading #Winning at Life

Busy is how we roll

We’ve had some busy weekends lately. Last weekend one of our nephew’s graduated high school. We were a little worried about how Maximus would do since the ceremony was at 2:30, which is right in the middle of the afternoon nap. To further complicate, or make things easier, we stayed out late the night before. … Continue reading Busy is how we roll


Energy is just what I needed to get me through a long Saturday! My day started around 10 am and ended about 2 am. The afternoon was spent with my husband and what felt like thousands of other people in a shopping center. I’ve found shopping to be bittersweet since I’ve been pregnant. It’s a … Continue reading Energy