Energy is just what I needed to get me through a long Saturday! My day started around 10 am and ended about 2 am.

The afternoon was spent with my husband and what felt like thousands of other people in a shopping center. I’ve found shopping to be bittersweet since I’ve been pregnant. It’s a “look, but don’t touch” feeling. It’s hard to know what sizes to buy for the next five months and the following. So, I helped Bryan find new things and I bought a pair of sweat pants and two shirts in empire styles. Even though spring and summer clothes are hitting the racks, it’s not so bad to sit back and watch. And, it saves me money! 

Supper was salad, pasta, and bread! With fourteen people, we had lots to celebrate. One thing most of us noticed was the sunshine and what felt like warm weather. In Iowa, if you give us 30 degrees after a freeze, we’ll appreciate it. Sun glasses and no mittens are enough to curb the spring fever drought and help us see that there is light (and warm temps) at the end of this winter.

We spent the evening watching the Iowa Energy basketball game. They played a team from Sioux Falls, but I can’t really remember. The Engery are the farm team for the Chicago Bulls and Phoenix Suns and play D league basketball. As most of group came from Iowa State University, we all enjoyed watching former Cyclone, Curtis Stinson, show the crowd that he’s still got his moves. After a stint in eastern Europe, Curtis is back in the midwest dribbling between the legs and throwing up shots. One member of our group also got to see a former Kansas State player who has recently joined the team. The Energy lost the game by a few points, but everyone enjoyed the action.


Our night ended at a local bar. I’m proud to report that my body did well after a day of so much activity. At 12:30, I willed my husband out of the bar so we could start our 1 hour drive home. My conditions: I needed a bathroom and food. That sounds pretty typical for a pregnant woman, right? I also needed the heated seats in my car because my body had gotten so stiff and sore from all the activity and then hours of sitting. Needless to say, this girl crashed as soon as she hit the pillow at 2 am. It was the only solid night of sleep I’ve gotten since being pregnant, but I haven’t exhausted myself this much since! I guess I’ll need to really work on that prenatal exercising I should be doing. No more excuses of not feeling well…

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