State Champions…or Not

  This past weekend Two weeks ago, I went with a group of girls to state bowling. I know what you’re thinking, they have state bowling? Or maybe even, people bowl in leagues? Yes, yes they do. You see, I’m involved in a Friday night “drinking” league. I say that with parenthesis because last year I was pregnant … Continue reading State Champions…or Not

What’s in a word?

Why do we let other people’s words affect us? Why do we let their feelings affect us? Even if words aren’t intended for us, we let them bother us. We let other people’s difficult words creep into our thoughts. We let other people’s issues create negative thoughts. Words, when used properly, can be so uplifting. … Continue reading What’s in a word?

Weekend recap

Did you have a good Memorial day weekend? We did! We spent our long weekend grilling out, watching HGTV, doing some house projects, and spending time with friends. Wrigley got a couple walks out of the weekend. Some at night when the temperatures were much cooler and the sun was going down. Others in the … Continue reading Weekend recap


Energy is just what I needed to get me through a long Saturday! My day started around 10 am and ended about 2 am. The afternoon was spent with my husband and what felt like thousands of other people in a shopping center. I’ve found shopping to be bittersweet since I’ve been pregnant. It’s a … Continue reading Energy