Spoiler alert: it wasn’t me who got kissed by Donnie Wahlberg

I grew up in the 80s and 90s, which doesn’t feel like it was that long ago. Although the calendar tells me otherwise. When I look around, the world is much different from what it was back then. For example, had I looked on Twitter before the concert, I would have known what to expect. In this case, the element of surprise was very much worth it! When they announced that Boys II Men and 98 degrees would be playing too, I couldn’t believe it. It was my childhood on steroids!


The concert blew my mind. Our seats were way too high up and the Target Center in Minneapolis only had two monitors for the whole place (that’s ridiculous), but it was still amazing! I could sum it up as dance moves from the 90s mixed with a lot of sex appeal. I saw more pelvic thrusting in those four hours, well, than maybe my whole life combined. It was a lot of thrusting! There was also a lot of men taking their shirts off. You can only imagine how an auditorium full of women react when jackets come off or shirts get ripped off. There was a lot of screaming! I may or may not have kind of lost my voice that night. And one lucky fan was kissed by Donnie Wahlberg. I can only wish it had been me, but he wasn’t going to climb all the way up to the top to find me! I have never seen anything like that in my life. This poor woman was soooo close to him as he leaned down to sing to her. She kept mouthing, “come on” as the crowd went wild (wishing it was them) and he kept getting closer to her face. Then, he DID IT! I hope her friends got that on camera!


Speaking of friends, I had a blast with mine! It’s been a while since I planned something, but I took it on headfirst. I also informed them that I would be the photographer for the weekend. I’m happy they went a long with it! I don’t feel like any of us take enough pictures and I got a lot of good ones this weekend. (New mission!)

I’m having a hard time finding adequate words to express how much I enjoyed the concert. It was a mix of nostalgic childhood memories combined with a grown up world. It is up there as one of the best nights of my life! That may have a little to do with my current situation at home, but mostly to do with the bands that shaped my childhood. As an adult, I could buy tickets and go to concerts. It’s just not something that I do. That makes this concert that much more special. It was a really fun night out with good friends and a concert that slammed me in the face as music that I was so passionate about growing up. I couldn’t have picked a better activity for my first night away from Quinten!


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