Shopping on a budget can be fun!

We recently went on a BIG shopping trip. It was one of those trips where you pile all the bags on your counter when you get home. A trip that could have been overwhelming. With a budget, we found that neither of us felt bad after a day of shopping. I was tired, but not feeling remorseful … Continue reading Shopping on a budget can be fun!

Financial Peace: Week 4

Thoughts from the zero budget lesson: A zero budget is HARD! We’ve still got a week and a half left and we’re still on track, but it’s getting close. I never realized how many “things” pop up. A friend wants to go to lunch, a group gift, a trip to Wal-Mart, a bachelor party, and … Continue reading Financial Peace: Week 4

Financial Peace, Week 3

Our third week of Financial Peace University was about a cash flow plan. It’s about doing a zero budget. That means that you budget all of your money. All. Of. Your. Money. You plan where everything goes, down to the last penny. The general budget was easy. Like I’ve said, we’ve done that before. We … Continue reading Financial Peace, Week 3

Financial Peace, Week 2: A Budget

I’ve decided to take you along on our journey to financial peace. Tune in every (hopefully!) Sunday night as I reflect on the week’s lesson.  I’m reminded again why a budget is important. It’s not there to track where the money went, it’s there to plan where the money goes. It’s a chance to sit down … Continue reading Financial Peace, Week 2: A Budget

{Guest Post} Financial Peace

Today, I’m featured over on Mary’s blog. I met Mary a few years ago. When I met Mary she had just ended her career as an accountant so she could stay home with their son. I’ve been watching (and Internet creeping) from the sidelines as she became a stay-at-home mom, became a Mary Kay consultant, used the Internet … Continue reading {Guest Post} Financial Peace