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Today, I’m featured over on Mary’s blog. I met Mary a few years ago. When I met Mary she had just ended her career as an accountant so she could stay home with their son. I’ve been watching (and Internet creeping) from the sidelines as she became a stay-at-home mom, became a Mary Kay consultant, used the Internet to share God’s word, moved to a new town, had another son, and now is using the Internet to share her financial advice. As luck (or God’s urging) would have it, I had just added Mary’s CPA blog to my Google Reader. I was getting so much out of her other blogs that I knew this one would be good too. I knew Mary had the background for this blog, she was an account, had kept up on her certifications, and had recently gone through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. So, I knew this was a link I wanted to keep up on! The other day she posted a Tweet asking for guest bloggers. She wanted to know what people had learned from Dave. Her goal was to build up with guest posts this week until this weekend when she can shout that she’s DEBT FREE! I excitedly told her that I had just gone to my first class that evening. She asked me to write about why we decided to take the class. To see my post, head over to Mary’s blog! 


2 thoughts on “{Guest Post} Financial Peace

  1. Sara P

    Loved your post on Mary’s blog. Your reasons for taking the class sound almost exactly like ours… except we have student loans and no car payments (though this summer/fall we want to replace Greg’s vehicle)! Glad we can do this together!

    1. Thanks, Sara. You’ll have to let me know if you want to add any thoughts or comments. I’d be happy to let you guest blog! 🙂

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