Maximus: Six Months

4 thoughts on “Maximus: Six Months”

  1. He’s so precious! I do not think you are drastic. I still look at Matthew and wonder when he turned from a baby in to a little boy! And, Owen, well, he seems to be growing even faster than that. Every stage seems more fun than the one before yet I find myself longing to go back and take in more of each moment!


    1. Just last night I was trying to remember how old Owen was when I met you. And I think he was about 6 months old! Gosh! I look at your pictures, and have seen a good variety of him over the years, and it seemed like a natural, slow progression. But, now I know the truth! When you’re in that position it’s anything but slow! 🙂 I have enjoyed each new stage, but I still let my mind wander too much and get sad sometimes.


  2. Giant baby kisses are the best. Who knew that having spit all over your face could actually be sweet!?!

    Love from Fiona and her Mom


    1. Oh my gosh! Somehow they are the BEST! Just last night, as he was basically attacking my face, I wondered if I should not be letting him do this. But he thought it was the coolest thing. He’d snuggle for a few seconds and then rear back and come after me. I should probably work on the gentle action so he doesn’t start headbutting me! And yes, I had baby slobber all over my face. 🙂


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