Another weekend gone

No wonder my weekends don’t feel relaxing. It’s because I’m constantly running!


Date night! My mom offered to watch Maximus so we could go out. Three out of four Fridays, I bowl. This week I didn’t have to so I got to enjoy it! We went out to eat and went to a bar and played pool. Then we met up with my bowling friends for a few more drinks. Our night ended at 1 am after we ate our leftovers. It was a great night, but a little too late for our early Saturday.


At 5:45 am, Maximus practiced his shrieking. And it was good. He eventually went back to sleep and woke up at 7:30 am. I quickly jumped in the shower and got ready so we could leave our house at 8:30. We had to be in Ames by 9;30 so Bryan could get his hair cut. I really wanted to sleep in the car on the way over and during his appointment, but I stayed awake. Next we hit up Panera for some breakfast. After a little nursing in the car, we headed into Target. It’s usually my favorite store, but it’s currently being remodeled so I HATED it. It felt like they didn’t have any stock and everything was moved around. Ick! Then, we went to the mall so I could return a pair of jeans. First I almost got into the mall before I remembered that I left the jeans in the car. I quickly checked the bag to realize that I didn’t have the receipt. So, in we went anyway. We both grabbed a couple of sale items and moved on. We went and ate at an old college favorite restaurant and watched the second half of the Iowa State mens basketball game. After the loss (seriously, how many close games can we lose?), we headed over to see a friend and her family. After a really long day, we headed home around 4:30. I lounged on the couch and finished a book while Maximus took a nap and then worked on his talking. Bryan and I watched a movie and then he went over to a friend’s house while I went to bed.


I decided that I was too tired to go to church by myself. Bryan went to Des Moines with his dad to go to a golf liquidation event. I started laundry and picking up the house. I caught up on my Private Practice and read a couple of blogs on my phone. I started posting my Project 365 pictures from my phone. I stopped once I hit a day that had a picture on my camera. I was stuck under a sleeping baby so getting up was out of the question. Bryan came home and did some cleaning for me while I continued laundry. (Yes, I have two-weeks worth of laundry. Ugh.) Right now I’m waiting for one of my nephew’s to come over so I can help him with some college stuff. I’ve still got to go to the grocery store and make something for supper. Then I’ve got a little more laundry to finish up and hopefully go to bed early.

If I could put things on a wish list, I would have also done the following things this weekend: taken some pictures of Maximus, done a lot of photo editing, done a lot of blogging, made some meals for the coming week, and caught up on some more of my DVR backlog. Maybe next weekend will feel a little more relaxing. And, maybe this week I’ll have the energy to sit down and do some blogging.

2 thoughts on “Another weekend gone

  1. I was LOL when I saw that you left the bag in the car when you were at the mall. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have done that since I’ve been pregnant and now being a mom. I say it’s due to mommy brain! Hoping that this coming weekend will be a little more relaxing for you! You guys sound like us…go, go, go!

    1. I totally have mommy brain all the time! I just told a friend that the other day. 🙂

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