The ups and downs

It’s easy to see that every baby and child are different. That I expected. What I didn’t expect was my mental or emotional reaction to be different. I think I handled the transition from zero babies to one. It was a little difficult in the summer knowing that my friends were out doing fun things while I … Continue reading The ups and downs

Sleepless nights

I recently had a conversation with a friend who said, “your boys and their sleeping!” Yes, I’ve had it easy. I’m grateful for that, but know how easy I’ve had it. That’s probably why it didn’t bother me when Quinten spent the first 9 weeks getting up a lot. Of course it’s a distant memory … Continue reading Sleepless nights


Today I get up with an alarm clock. It’s something I haven’t done for 12 weeks. A little more actually. I started my maternity leave after taking the last of my vacation. That was the last time I slept through the night. Today I got up with a baby at 4:30 and realized at 5 … Continue reading Today

Baby sleep styles

Somewhere along the pregnancy journey, most people buy a crib. We did that. It’s been sitting in a bedroom untouched for about eight months. Both of my babies spent the first few weeks sleeping in our room in a bassinet. Maximus moved to his own room much earlier than Quinten did. {Maximus 1, Quinten 0} … Continue reading Baby sleep styles

My solo outing

February 12, a Tuesday afternoon, came quickly and in a cloud of anxiety. Anxiety because I was solo parenting a dual pediatrician visit. The appointments put me on edge because Quinten likes to eat every two hours during the day. I was semi-nervous about nursing in public when I wouldn’t know our exact schedule or … Continue reading My solo outing

A rare peace

I’m experiencing one of those rare moments where I have baby tunnel vision. Quinten is quietly sleeping on my chest after nursing and falling asleep. He’s so quiet that I almost forgot he was there. The slow rise and fall of his chest light and smooth. I imagine him to be in a sweet, peaceful … Continue reading A rare peace