A rare peace

I’m experiencing one of those rare moments where I have baby tunnel vision. Quinten is quietly sleeping on my chest after nursing and falling asleep. He’s so quiet that I almost forgot he was there. The slow rise and fall of his chest light and smooth. I imagine him to be in a sweet, peaceful sleep. No worries or pains from the evening before. His cubby arms flank my sides and dangle lifelessly. His head turned to the left and his legs tucked under his body. He fits into the curves of my body and rests effortlessly.

In this moment I can’t help but feel some sadness. Sadness that this will be gone too quickly. Sadness that in three short weeks I’ll be back at work and he’ll come home smelling of someone else’s snuggles. But then I think of Maximus and smile. It does go fast, but each stage is awesome. I love the baby and toddler phases equally.

1 thought on “A rare peace

  1. Although I hate when Avery gets sick, I love that I get to coddle him and rock him… because I miss doing that… when they are so little, cherish every moment, because they grow up too fast!!!

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