Two months went fast!

I knew it would happen, but didn’t expect it so soon. Somewhere in between all the sleepless nights, Quinten went from a newborn to a baby. He started resting his head on my shoulder when I pick him up. He started putting his arms around my neck when he’s nestled in close. That’s when I knew time was moving fast.

Quinten spends a lot more time awake during the day now. He watches us and follows us when we move. He turns his head when Maximus says something. And he turns his head when he hears my voice and I’m not holding him.

He also coos and tries to talk A LOT. (Imagine ME having a baby who likes to talk. Heh.) Smiling! He has the little cutest smile. šŸ™‚ For a few weeks it was reserved for his bestie, the light. They got in a couple of fights and he realized he needed to suck up to his mommy a little. Now he’s not afraid to give out smiles to anyone! (And, he forgave his bestie.) It’s a simple thing but I LOVE the light obsession. It’s adorable.

He’s packing on the pounds, which makes the sleepless nights worth it. His trend has been a pound every two weeks. That means that he’s already eating me out of house and home. I nurse him and am immediately FAMISHED.

Weight: 13.5 pounds (67%)
Height: 23 inches (43%)
Head circumference: 16.5 inches (100%)

He’s barely wearing his 0-3 month sleepers. He’s too big for most of them. He’s outgrown a few onesies, too. Those newborn socks? Yah, right!

It took nine weeks, but he’s finally sleeping at night! It took eight weeks to get him to sleep before midnight. Another week for him to sleep until three or four of five. I’m feeling like a new woman and finally feel like life is getting back to normal. That of course means my hormones make me silly and I immediately miss the itty, bitty newborn stage.

This chubby baby is pretty awesome! Although, he’s currently having his first bad night. He’s not feeling well after getting three shots today at his check up. Poor dude is having lots of sads. We’ve never heard him cry like this. šŸ™

I can’t believe that Quinten is two months old already. The second time around goes faster than the first! I’m sure it has to do with the busy toddler. At two months, Bryan and I are focused on snuggles and conversations with our littlest man.


3 thoughts on “Two months went fast!

  1. he is getting so big, and sooo handsome!!! Glad he is sleeping well for you, I know that can be tough! Do you have trouble fitting his head thru clothes? Avery has a big head and some clothes that should fit him we cant get on cuz the head hole is too small… cuz he has a big head!

    1. I didn’t realize Quinten had a big head until the check. But, yes, it explains why some clothes are hard to put on! I also HATE putting clothes over baby heads when they are tight.

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