Words, I gots them

It’s a little weird looking at the adult I have become. There are some parts of my personality that haven’t changed, but there are also parts that are so different from the child I was.

Growing up I felt like I was a follower. I had a lot of outgoing friends who were {are} really cool. Like every other adolescent, I was insecure. I thought my friends were all prettier than I and dressed better. I let them be the center of attention. I was ok being in the background.

It took me years and a couple friends constantly telling me that I’m not that person sitting in the background. More often than not I’m up front. I’m part of the conversation, not an observer. The funny thing about that is that the more people tell you what you can’t see, the more you embrace that. Maybe even become. {Or not if I already was…?} Whatever. The more I heard it, the more I wanted it to be true.

I never imagined I’d be the adult I am today. I didn’t picture myself as a manager. I didn’t picture myself as someone involved in community projects and boards. I didn’t picture myself as someone who organizes activities or teams. Yet, here I am. I’ve really grown into this personality. Whether I knew it or not, I’m embracing it now.

What surprises you the most about who you’ve become?

2 thoughts on “Words, I gots them

  1. It’s fun to look back and see how you’ve evolved over time. Looking at the grand scheme, I think my biggest surprise is how much I love marriage and motherhood. I remember vowing to never have kids when I was 7 years old, and it took another 15 to change my mind (I was going to be one of those super independent ladies)! I’m happy I learned that you can have a good family life and career at the same time. 🙂

    1. Yes, marriage and motherhood are total surprises! As a child, you don’t know what either will actually be like. I’m enjoying both as well!

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