Eight month old Quinten

Month eight has been good to Quinten so far. He’s basically a professional crawler. Lucky for us, he pounds his hands into the ground as he crawls. If he wasn’t so loud, he’d get into a lot more trouble! His fat hands slam into the ground in a quick pace – slap, pound, slap, stop. … Continue reading Eight month old Quinten

Breastfeeding Blog Hop Week 5: NIP

NIP. Nurse.In.Public. Do you know the phrase or the acronym? Have you ever seen someone nurse in public? To some it’s a controversial issue. To others it’s a natural way of life. Before I had a baby, I had never see anyone nurseĀ in public. Either I’d never noticed it or I’d never been in the … Continue reading Breastfeeding Blog Hop Week 5: NIP