Today I get up with an alarm clock. It’s something I haven’t done for 12 weeks. A little more actually. I started my maternity leave after taking the last of my vacation. That was the last time I slept through the night.

Today I got up with a baby at 4:30 and realized at 5 that 30 minutes would start my day on the wrong foot.

Today is the first day into a regular showering routine. No more nap time showers or baby’s in a bouncer. No more rushed getting ready while Bryan watches the boys. I start doing my hair again and wearing makeup and clothes that aren’t sweat pants.

Today we drop both babies off at daycare and hope they both have good days. We hope that Maximus isn’t jealous of Quinten joining HIS day routine. And most of all, we hope that Maximus is a big brother who “watches out” for his little brother. Not because he needs it, but because he loves him that much. After all, it is mine baby brudder.

Today marks the start of a new normal. We’ve all enjoyed the past 12 weeks but they haven’t been a good representation of what life really will be.

Today I go back to work.

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