Quinten at 3 months

Quinten Marcus, the three-month-old. He’s starting to get the hang of tummy time. Or rather, a tummy time that doesn’t involve falling asleep. He still spends a lot of time looking like a beached whale, but that’s the funny thing about babies. Beached whale one day and the next you’re knocking them down. šŸ˜‰ He’s … Continue reading Quinten at 3 months

Baby sleep styles

Somewhere along the pregnancy journey, most people buy a crib. We did that. It’s been sitting in a bedroom untouched for about eight months. Both of my babies spent the first few weeks sleeping in our room in a bassinet. Maximus moved to his own room much earlier than Quinten did. {Maximus 1, Quinten 0} … Continue reading Baby sleep styles

My solo outing

February 12, a Tuesday afternoon, came quickly and in a cloud of anxiety. Anxiety because I was solo parenting a dual pediatrician visit. The appointments put me on edge because Quinten likes to eat every two hours during the day. I was semi-nervous about nursing in public when I wouldn’t know our exact schedule or … Continue reading My solo outing

A birthday do-over

We need a weekend do-over. Imagine that it’s your 30th birthday. Since you’re a man in this scenario, you don’t want to do anything to celebrate the occasion. Your wife compromises and suggests breakfast out. {Something I’ve been wanting to do for weeks…or months!} Breakfast changes to lunch and lunch changes to dinner and dinner … Continue reading A birthday do-over

My thoughts on the birth of this baby: VBAC and C-section

At our 12-week appointment, my doctor explained that our hospital isn’t a VBAC-approvedĀ hospital because it isn’t large enough. However, if you deliver during business hours they have enough staff because the practice is right next door. I’m paraphrasing a little here, but I did repeat it back to her as that. “Basically, if I deliver … Continue reading My thoughts on the birth of this baby: VBAC and C-section

Third trimester starts now!

Third trimester! Today marks my 27th week. I’ve got about 12 weeks to go. Yes, I did the math right. I haven’t formed cohesive thoughts about the delivery yet. I was recently told that I wouldn’t go past 39 weeks since I’ve been measuring a little more than a week a head. So, I know … Continue reading Third trimester starts now!

Bowling, cake, master of conniving

Maximus loves his grandparents. So much that lately when they are around he tries to get them to take him bye-bye. It doesn’t matter if they are at our house or if we are out in public, he wants to get as far away from his parents to ensure that his grandparents don’t leave. Tonight … Continue reading Bowling, cake, master of conniving

A lazy day with my little man

Since becoming a mommy, I’m more focused on making every day count. Now, I’ve had quite a few days that I basically wasted away, but for the most part each day matters. Some days are deliberately “wasted away.” Today was one of those days. Looking at the week ahead of us, I knew I’d look … Continue reading A lazy day with my little man