A birthday do-over

We need a weekend do-over. Imagine that it’s your 30th birthday. Since you’re a man in this scenario, you don’t want to do anything to celebrate the occasion. Your wife compromises and suggests breakfast out. {Something I’ve been wanting to do for weeks…or months!} Breakfast changes to lunch and lunch changes to dinner and dinner changes to not leaving the house at all. We didn’t leave the house because said birthday man entered his thirties with a bang.

I’m not sure if I’m blaming it on the drinks he had the night before or the flu. Either way, my husband’s 30th birthday didn’t go as any of us had planned. He was either on the couch, in bed, or dry heaving in the bathroom. I on the other hand was either sitting on the couch nursing a baby, helping the toddler play with play dough, putting a boy down for a nap, changing a diaper, or snuggling with a boy. In between all of that I was also making meals, cleaning the kitchen, or  doing laundry. Basically, it sucked for both of us.

Maximus didn’t see Bryan long enough to sing to him or even wish him a happy birthday. Before he went to bed, he finally whispered “Happy Birthday to you, Daddy! La-La.” {Love you} And then I prayed that no one else would start puking …

Thankfully, no one else did. I finally got ice chips into Bryan’s system and he stopped dry heaving. I set up camp on the couch and Quinten and I settled in. During the 1 am feeding, Bryan came out to the living room proclaiming that he finally felt a little better. I hadn’t talked much to my husband in the past 27 hours. He was finally back. Thankfully we have a nice, big sectional in our living room. He set up shop on one end while I was on the other. {No way was I entering our bedroom if it was full of flu germs or getting close to him!} We watched A League of Their Own and snoozed on and off in between feedings. I was just as tired the next morning, but at least Saturday night I didn’t have to sleep for 4 1/2 hours with a baby on my chest. So sleep was better, even if it was just as little.

I’m glad that wasn’t how I spent my 30th birthday, but I’m just as bummed that my husband had to spend his that way.

Did you have a better weekend? Has the flu hit your house? 

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