A lazy day with my little man

Since becoming a mommy, I’m more focused on making every day count. Now, I’ve had quite a few days that I basically wasted away, but for the most part each day matters. Some days are deliberately “wasted away.” Today was one of those days. Looking at the week ahead of us, I knew I’d look back and wish we had a little down time. I spent the weekend cleaning and doing laundry, so there weren’t many chores left on the list. We had a typical morning, pancakes and some time on the deck. We played a game of night-night where Maximus gets really frustrated trying to cover himself up and ends up bossing me around telling me to cover up him with one blanket and the dog with the other. It might be a fun game of getting a little rest, except he’s almost two and he can’t sit still. He’s constantly flopping from stomach to back and needs to be re-blanketed. We played with puzzles for a while. And I convinced him that the newborn clothes hanging in his closet would not fit him. Then lunch came and a wonderful 3-hour nap! Two of which I also enjoyed.

We didn’t accomplish much today. In fact, the only things that were cleaned up were the table, place mat, and dishes that we used. But, we had a lot of mommy vs. Maximus time. I enjoyed the “conversation.” Most of which consisted of him bossing me around. When the bossy toddler ends it with “yes, mommy,” somehow it doesn’t matter. 🙂

How do you make sure you’re enjoying every day?

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