Summer fun!


It’s my favorite time of year. I love the sunshine and the heat. I love the late summer nights and the cool breeze. I love all that summer represents and I always think it starts too late and ends too early.

We’ve had an insanely hot summer this year. It may be the first year that I’m satisfied with the start and end of it! Temps in the 90s with heat indexes in the 100s. Days upon days of crazy humidity and sweltering heat. We like to spend as much time outside as we can, but with these temps its pretty hard. On the weekends, we spend the mornings outside under the shade. In the evenings, we head out real quick to grill and then come back in because 7 pm is still too hot to be out there. If you live with a toddler, they don’t care about the heat. We’re constantly convincing him that it’s way too hot outside and that we should go in. {Don’t tell Maximus that when he goes to bed we sneak out to the deck to watch the sunset.}

One of the things that we’ve been doing every weekend is going to the pool. Tot swim has been our heat savor. The pool is only open to little kids and we get 45 minutes of fun in the pool. When the swimming season started, Maximus wasn’t sure about playing in the water. Bath time is pretty fun, but he’s not into getting completely wet. He’s had fun going down the slide, crawling through tunnels, climbing up and down the stairs to the slide, and playing with his toys.

After the first couple of weeks, he started talking about swimming. Or “smmmimmming” as he likes to call it. That was our first guess that he really enjoyed it. When he sees his swimming trunks he wants to put them on. When we drive by the pool he squeals with excitement. It’s hard to make him wait in line and we’re constantly stopping him from bumping into older ladies who are going water walking.

As much as we’d all like a little rain and a little less humidity, this weather has really helped our pool plans. We’ve only had one Saturday where it was rainy. It may be hot, but it’s still summer. So we’re spending a little less time around technology and having a lot more fun playing!

Off to the pool!

















Waiting for the lifeguard









Shark towel after fun in the pool



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