More, more, more…yes?

Maximus talks non-stop these days. I mean NON.STOP. He’s definitely not a baby any anymore. The only time we see anything that resembles a baby is when he snuggles. Otherwise, he’s all boy toddler. Running, throwing things, tackling us or the dog, and talking non-stop.

His new thing to do is ramble on asking for something, ending it with “yes.” He looks intently at us, cocks his head to one side, gives a reassuring nod, and flashes the sweetest smile. He’s quite the salesman. “More, more, more crackers mommy, yes.”

Somewhere over the past couple of weeks, he started saying “yes” more than “please.” It appears his toddler brain is telling him he needs to convince rather than ask. There isn’t much more convincing he can do when he acts so cute. 🙂

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