May Family Activity: Movie Night

We do a lot of family activities outside the home in the summer, so I thought I’d start a post of our favorite monthly family activities. Our favorite family activity for May was a special viewing of Big Hero 6. We don’t see a lot of movies, so we rented it the weekend before. The … Continue reading May Family Activity: Movie Night

Maternity Monday: Peace

The rules of babies are to not get too cocky. Don’t flaunt sleeping through the night or an easy potty training. If the universe thinks you’re overly confident, it’ll throw a major curveball and undo the awesomeness. Without trying to do that, I want to say that I’m enjoying the phase we’re in. I absolutely … Continue reading Maternity Monday: Peace

Maternity Monday: Week 24

Maternity Monday, week 24 {6 months} Thursday, September 6 – I didn’t take a picture of my outfit, but I will eventually. I wore a maternity maxi dress from SweetPea Maternity. Friday, September 7 – I made the mistake of dressing like the opposing team that the Cyclones were playing that weekend. Thankfully, I only … Continue reading Maternity Monday: Week 24

Adding to the family

Baby makes four. Whew! I don’t get worked up about the pregnancy or having a newborn by Christmas. It’s changing the number of people in our household that feels very real to me. Doubling the number of children in the house. Man-to-man defense. Yikes! We’re pretty laid-back at our house. Naturally, we haven’t spent a lot of … Continue reading Adding to the family

Maternity Monday

Week 23 Thursday, August 30 work outfit: Skirt (Motherhood), T-shirt (Not In Our Town), cardigan (Gap) It was a bit of a casual day for me. I participated in a community anti-bullying campaign called Not In Our Town. We were allowed to wear the shirts all day, but couldn’t wear jeans. Being that it was … Continue reading Maternity Monday

My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Some days it feels like a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. No matter where you live. Yesterday appeared to be another normal day. I had an early morning meeting so we switched our daycare routine. While being uber productive during my early morning hours, I scheduled a long overdue vet appointment for The … Continue reading My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Our season opener

Saturday was the season opener for Iowa State Football! It’s a game we all look forward to each year. The weather is usually beautiful / hot {y’all know that’s my favorite season}. A clean slate is in front of us with so much potential. The enthusiasm is contagious and moods are light and airy. During … Continue reading Our season opener

Maternity Monday

This was the first outfit I planned in my head. By sheer willpower, I held off until the middle of the week until I wore it. It was the only outfit that seemed “right” and I had a lot of things going on this day and thought it would be the most appropriate of the … Continue reading Maternity Monday

Maternity clothes: Day 2

I’ve gotten a few comments about my maternity clothes, so I’m going to propel myself into this thing. Unfortunately my camera man wasn’t around so I had to take the photos myself. And I haven’t cleaned the mirror recently so you’ll notice toddler residue at that level. Tuesday, August 28 work outfit: Dress (Gap), Cardigan (Gap), … Continue reading Maternity clothes: Day 2

Adventures with maternity clothes

I decided long ago that if I ever got pregnant again I would spend some money on maternity clothes. The first time I didn’t want to. Essentially, I wore all the same shirts out of my normal wardrobe. Towards the end I was a little limited and I considered it a success every day I … Continue reading Adventures with maternity clothes