Adding to the family

Baby makes four. Whew! I don’t get worked up about the pregnancy or having a newborn by Christmas. It’s changing the number of people in our household that feels very real to me. Doubling the number of children in the house. Man-to-man defense. Yikes!

We’re pretty laid-back at our house. Naturally, we haven’t spent a lot of time worrying about the new family addition. We’ve got a basic game plan that goes like this: you take the toddler and I’ll take the baby {for obvious feeding reasons I’m the one with the baby}.

Each day that passes, Maximus blows my mind and makes my heart stop. In the baby stages I was the mom who didn’t want it to go by too quickly. I found each stage to be awesome, but dragged my feet to get to them. With a two-year old, I’m looking back on those baby days and laughing at my old self. Because you guys, this toddler gig rocks. I fall asleep laughing about him and wake up to his cute little antics. This weekend he woke me up by running into my room. “Mommy! Mommy! Up! Cancakes!” {Kid, mommy will always get out of bed if food is on the table!} You can’t ever predict what he’ll do or say, but you can assume it will make you laugh.

Bryan and I feel a little anxiety about the baby thing again. It wasn’t all that long ago that we experienced the baby stage, but the toddler stage is what feels natural to us now. We made so many conscious decisions with the first year of Maximus’ life. We had so many reasons for those decisions and we’re both afraid we won’t remember when and why the second time around. I’m sure that’s what people mean when they say each child gets away with more than the first. But, I really hope that we find out those decisions are our instincts and natural for us!

11 thoughts on “Adding to the family

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