The post-pregnancy weight battle

This last pregnancy went fast. I expected that but didn’t think it would go nearly as quick as it did. I feel a little guilty because I didn’t document it like I did my first pregnancy. All my pictures were from my phone and taken in my gloomy bedroom. No fancy camera and no Photoshop to document the number of weeks. Foreshadowing to the future…yes, probably.

Weight gain was another one of those things that I didn’t pay attention to. I popped earlier than my first pregnancy so I started out a little nervous about weight gain. I didn’t get on the scale at home, but at my last appointment {37 weeks} I was told I’d gained 27 pounds. I’d have to look back and see what I gained with Maximus, but I think it’s around that same number.

Thirteen days after Quinten was born, it seemed like the weight was coming off quickly so I got on my scale. I was doing the typical, pee ALL.THE.TIME. but thankfully I wasn’t waking up covered in sweat. {Yah, post-pardum awesomeness!} I was surprised to see I had lost 24 pounds in the first two weeks! I’m not sure how or why I lost it so quickly this time. I’m still three pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and another five that I never lost after Maximus. So there’s that. And my body temperature has since gone up. Every time Quinten wakes me up at night I realize that it’s HOT in our room. Apparently sleeping for two hours at a time means I don’t wake enough to take covers off, instead I roast under them.

While I’m ecstatic that I lost the majority of the weight so quickly and effortlessly, it’s not as great as it sounds. Being three pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight doesn’t mean I can fit into my jeans. My body is storing those pounds in my midsection. Obviously the midsection is what makes or doesn’t make a pair of jeans fit. So, I continue to wait patiently for my physical release in two weeks so I can work on getting those last few pounds off from two years ago. And hope after that I’ll be able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans!

What makes a person have the drive to exercise? It took me a year to start exercising with Maximus. Like I said, the weight loss was much slower that time. Wouldn’t that motivate you to start working out? This time, I lost almost all of it effortlessly and can barely wait until I can work out. Call me a hypocrite, but Pinterest might be my motivator! Or, my body is craving some good endorphin releasing workouts that volleyball and softball just don’t provide.

What exercise programs do you follow? Do you have experience exercising while nursing? One of my main concerns with Maximus was a drop in my supply. How do you find the healthy balance between doing what’s good for your body and your supply?

December 20, still a day we’ll always remember

December 20.
Today I was supposed to have a scheduled c-section delivery. At 39 weeks. {Also my sister-in-law’s birthday. Happy birthday, Danielle!}
This is what it looks like outside my dining room window. I’ve heard that we got 13″ of snow! The lights keep flickering and the wind is NUTS. Thunder was heard during the snow fall last night and our power went out once at 3 am for 30 seconds. I think all the schools in the state were closed and many businesses also. Wouldn’t that be an exciting day to have a baby…



So it’s a good thing that my baby decided that he would much prefer to distance his birthday from the Christmas holiday. He picked December 8 as his birthday and vetoed our December 20 deadline.


Quinten Marcus was born at 11:20 am on December 8. He weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces and was 20 inches long. He was born at 37 weeks and 2 days, but showed no signs of being premature. The pediatrician indicated that his gestational age looked to be 39 weeks. {My doctor later told us that even when they do IVF the peds can come up with a different gestational age. Take what you want out of both statements.}


Bryan spent an hour and a half blowing snow this morning so he could go to work. He braved the snow and worked the morning before bringing us lunch. This morning was my first solo morning experience with Maximus and Quinten. I’m still in my pajamas and Maximus watched a lot of tv while I was nursing, but the house is still in one piece and there wasn’t any crying. With most of our company on vacation, plus the weather, Bryan opted to spend the afternoon at home with us. He’s put in a lot of overtime this past year so he’s earned a little extra time off. Maybe he’ll stay home tomorrow too!


We tried our best to enjoy lots of family time last week during our first week home with Quinten. The truth is that Maximus was a whiny, crying mess. Neither of us expected him to be his normal self, but all.the.whining! This week Bryan went back to work and my sister  came over every day. {Except for today. Blizzard.} Maximus is much better with this routine and hasn’t spent much time whining or crying. I can’t lift anything over 15 pounds. Maximus is double that so I’ve needed help lifting him. Thankfully each day I feel better and am able to bend and move more than I could with my first c-section. That means I can pick up Quinten out of the moses basket and I’ve been able to lift Maximus up on the changing table with very little pain. It also means that I can get out of bed myself and don’t need Bryan to haul me up! I’m thankful that this recovery is much faster and easier than my first!


We’re tucked away in our warm house listening to Christmas music and watching the twinkle of the Christmas lights. We’re all thankful that Quinten came early and we’re not traveling or stuck in a hospital during this bitterly cold winter storm. We’ll be huddled up  getting lots of baby and toddler snuggles through the New Year when Bryan goes back to work.

Merry Christmas friends!

37 week update

We had a bit of a screw up with our 37 week appointment this afternoon. Apparently my appointment was scheduled for 1:45, but we thought it was at 2:15. So, we missed my doctor because she got called over to deliver a baby. {And then Bryan said, “that could be us!} So I saw a midwife instead. She was nice and I was thankful to get in, but I was hoping to ask MY doctor some questions. Last week she told me that I’d find out the plan for December 20 at this appointment. It feels a little unnerving to have not seen her today, but we’ll deal with it.

I scheduled my next appointment {my LAST OB appointment!} for next week. Only she’s not available on Thursday, so I’ll see her on Friday. I’ve only seen her on Thursdays this whole pregnancy. It was like that with Maximus too. He was due on a Thursday. At my 38 week appointment she was going on vacation so I had to schedule with a midwife for Friday. I went into labor on Thursday. So, see ya next Friday doc? Or maybe we’ll come in earlier! 🙂

Or at least that’s how I feel since my complaint this week is focused around contractions. Every night. Not a big deal, but they are slowly starting to get a little more intense. As I learned at my appointment today, they are more intense the second time around. And more common at night. That makes me feel a little better. So far I’ve been a little anxious because I don’t have any experience with contractions that don’t lead to labor. With Maximus, I had contractions that I couldn’t feel. Then one night I had some that I could barely feel. I woke up the next day and they were a little more real and he was born that night. So! Contractions that I can really feel {like while I’m typing this sentence} make me wonder if I’m going to have a baby in the next 24 hours.

I’m trying not to be an anxious mess, but there are a lot of what-ifs. So, I packed my hospital bag tonight and finished up any of the baby laundry so I can pack the diaper bag. The pack ‘n play is set up in our bedroom, waiting for a little guy to sleep in. The car seat is waiting on the final inserts to dry so it can go into my car. Uh, I think that means we’re ready. I made sure to wash Maximus’ laundry so we don’t have to worry about him having clean clothes. I finished up some of the organizing I had started last weekend. Now I just need to clean both bathrooms and I’ll feel like my house is ready for me to leave. The only two things left on the list are to decide between option 1 and 2 for middle names and tomorrow I’m getting a manicure and pedicure. Then I’ve done all the things I wanted to do. {Maybe start wrapping Christmas presents…}

Our working household

I’m sitting here at 6:30 on a Monday night and barely awake. I felt the same way during my lunch hour. I could easily curl up {sort of} and close my eyes. Probably not opening them for hours. Instead, I pushed through the haze and went back to work, yawning my way through the afternoon.

Now, I listen as Bryan and Maximus work downstairs. In Bryan’s nesting efforts, he decided to tackle the mess of junk that was our basement. He took many loads to the dump and Goodwill, clearing our basement of a futon, recliner, ping pong table, Christmas tree, computer desks, and countless pieces of electronic equipment. After that was done, he started going through things. Box after box, he got rid of junk. Then he started organizing and putting things in totes with labels. It’s basically every nesting, 9-month pregnant woman’s dreams. Granted, it’s completely in his control and we may not organize things the same way. BUT! He’s tackling a much needed task.

It wasn’t on my list of things to get done before the baby, but it needs to be done. His motivation and mine are vastly different. While I want to “finally” decorate the house, he wants to get the basement organized so he can start finishing it. I watched the weeks slowly tick by and thought about the furniture that needed to be ordered and walls painted. He looked at the time passing and saw a missed opportunity. A time where he should have been spending countless hours putting up walls. We may not be entirely aligned on the to-do list, but at least we’re getting things crossed off the list.

And, I can’t express how grateful I am for some time to sit on the couch and try to be comfortable. As my pregnancy comes to an end, my body is showing its wear. There’s less I can do, either because I’m having a lot of back pain or because I can’t breathe when I bend over. While I really do love being pregnant, there’s only so much a body can take. And mine is nearing the end. We’re running out of room, little brother and I. We’re fighting over who gets the stomach space and who’s going to sleep. I’m not wishing away my days, but I’m also not rallying for more time. In 16 short days, we’ll hold our littlest boy and show him this great big world that Maximus is making his own.

The naming game continues

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again, I love this two year old. He’s so much fun. He’s constantly doing something. I hear boys are busier than girls, but I doubt there’s much difference at this age. I’m sure a two year is a two year old, taking in the world and trying to do it all.

We’ve been having a lot of fun at the dinner table. It’s become one of my favorite times of the day. We talk about our days, Maximus talks about random things, and we get to enjoy everything that makes up a two year old, including the manners and the mess.

As we’ve been trying to decide on a name, we like to ask Maximus for his opinion. {We keep coming back to the same one. Maybe it’s a sign.} Months ago, during an afternoon snack, Maximus proclaimed that we should name little brother “cracker!” Guess what he was eating? 🙂 We decided not to let his opinion weight too much into the decision…

Most of his recent suggestions are answered in the form of another question. “Little brother ARE you?” {One of these days he’ll include WHERE and I’ll probably cry.} I have no idea what he thinks little brother is, but he’s constantly asking where he is. Sometimes he’s satisfied with the answer of “in mommy’s belly.” Other times that’s the wrong answer. He knows the baby clothes belong to little brother and the room is little brother’s, but the who may be a little confusing. Another little boy at daycare is having a little brother also. When we talk about his little brother Maximus agrees with you and then abruptly changes his mind. “Mine little brother.” FYI, two year olds can be a little possessive.

Months ago we realized the best time to work on saying his name was during meals. We have his focus and then he’s absently eating his food. We have family pictures that he can see from the table so he used to spend a lot of time telling us who was in the pictures. He’s gotten really good at his own name, “Mack-eh-MUS.” The poor little dude had to take a big breath before he could work on the second half. Now he’s pretty fluid, but he still pronounces it the same way. It’s pretty awesome and adorable to hear him say his own name! 🙂

This weekend, Bryan asked him what we should name little brother. He’s been responding with a consistent name recently that is very similar to his own name. {Can’t tell you because we might us it for something.} This night he said a different name. “Mack-eh-mus.” Apparently when naming your little brother after yourself, you remove the emphasis in their name. We repeated to him, “you want to name little brother Maximus?” “No, mine Mack-eh-MUS.” I guess he decided it wasn’t a good idea to name his little brother after himself. Next up was, “little brother ARE you?” Maybe he’s not really asking where little brother is but rather WHAT are you? Too soon he’ll know and probably wish he didn’t know…

Glucose update

I wrote about my glucose test experience here. I survived it, barely. The next day I was in a meeting with the team I worked with at the beginning of my career. They have spouses who work with my mother-in-law so I told them I’d had four blood draws the previous day. We commented on the difference between someone who’s spent 20-30 years drawing blood versus someone who’s newish. I showed them marks on my arm from my 1-hour test. It looked like I had a rash of marks after more than three weeks. My mother-in-law used the other arm and I couldn’t even find one of her draw marks! I sent Bryan a text after the first draw and said, “she is really good at this!” I don’t think I’ll have her draw Maximus if it ever comes up since Bryan talks about thinking that every time he went in as a kid she was drawing his blood. I think Grandma will appreciate Maximus not associating that with her, but I’m happy to know her co-workers have just as much experience and can draw your blood so well that you don’t know it’s happening.

I met with my OB last week and I passed the glucose screening. However, I did not pass all four tests. I failed the fourth test. My levels started to rise on the fourth draw and were above the normal levels. I don’t have gestational diabetes and I don’t have to meet with a dietician. I do have to cut out extra sweets and pop and also exercise for about 30-minutes after big meals. I may have passed the test, but this is still not good news to me! If it’s any indication, Bryan sat in the corner behind her and was laughing at me when she gave me the direction. I may not drink much pop, but because of that I like to enjoy a pop if we’re out to eat. Now, of course, Bryan won’t let me. It’s straight water all of the time. Wahoo! Of course the sweet restriction comes at the worst time. We didn’t hand out candy, so we don’t have an excess amount of it, but we always have a little. If I’m being honest, I’ll tell you that I’m not taking her direction 100% seriously. I am trying to incorporate more protein into my day, per her suggestion. I got on the bike one night after eating a big meal full of carbs. It was brutal. I’m 32 weeks and my body doesn’t want to do much other than grow a baby. Another indication, my dad asked me last night how many times I’d exercised since last Thursday. Also while laughing. I told him twice if you counted the vacuuming followed by weights that I did one night. {I was out of breath after the weights, I say yes.}

Like I said, I’m kind of trying but at the same time I have to eat. I’m hungry. I do find that I let myself be hungry longer because I just don’t know what to eat. I feel like everything I’d normally eat isn’t what I should be eating. I am not a diet person. I’m an eat-what-I-want-when-I-want person. I don’t know how to do this restriction thing!

Any ideas?