28 weeks {7 months}

On October 4, I passed the 7 month mark. It was like any other day, except I had to take my one-hour glucose test. I also had to pack for a seven day work trip. Besides those two things, I also had to make sure my house had food and was cleaned for the babysitters who would spend the next week watching Maximus and Wrigley. If I hadn’t had a doctor appointment I probably would have forgotten how far along I was. The second pregnancy has pretty much been like that the whole way through. I keep forgetting how many weeks I am, which is a nice way to pass the pregnancy. I remember with Maximus that I was anxiously awaiting his arrival. This time around it’s like I’m playing catchup on weeks. I’m either getting rid of them or not giving myself enough of them. I suppose this is how my life will be for the next few years. 🙂

I’m still on track for measuring about a week earlier than my due date. My weight gain is consistent and my blood pressure remains the same each week. I’m feeling pretty good in terms of health. My lower back has bothered me the whole pregnancy, but it’s not usually a bother until the end of the day. I suppose it makes sense, I’m carrying around a lot of weight on my lower half. It’s more difficult for me to get up and down from the floor so I’ve gotten accustomed to sitting in the rocking chair at night while Maximus and Bryan sit on the floor reading books. Maximus doesn’t seem to notice that my body is any different. I’m trying to get him to rub it and talk to baby brother, but he’s not really playing along. Sometimes it’s all I can do to get him not to sit ON my stomach. I’d much prefer that he snuggle with it, but it’s probably not that comfortable. 🙂

Maximus also doesn’t seem to care that holding him can be a challenge. I try to rest him on top of my belly so I don’t have to do so much work, but when he starts moving around it can be really hard! I’m not surprised that when I’m holding him, LBL 2.0 usually moves and tries to push back against his big brother. I imagine it will be no different when they are both on the “outside.”


With only a few months to go, we’re trying to get as many snuggles in as possible. I’m thankful that Maximus is taking some time to rest and watch cartoons. At the end of a long day, my body sure does enjoy that! I’d much prefer to sit on the chair with him than sit and watch him play with his toys on the floor.


What I wore: Week 26

Week 26

pleated poppy

Thursday, September 20 – New outfit! This shirt is really long when I’m not pregnant so I knew it would be a good maternity shirt! It’s not form fitting, even with a 6 1/2 month belly, so I got to wear a belt. You know, since I’m in love with belts. Except it was a little uncomfortable when I was driving and I wasn’t able to slouch at all! I forgot that with a 6 1/2 month pregnant belly comes less room. 🙂 I’ll wear this outfit again, but maybe minus the belt.

black ankle length skirt {Maurices}, shirt {Express} belt, {Target}


Friday, September 21 – It was a “casual” day at work. We were allowed to wear our Not In Our Town shirts again, but mine doesn’t fit anymore. 😦 So, I found the closest thing to orange. A hooded striped sweater from American Eagle. I wore it with gray pants and called it good. Because it was casual, I was able to wear it with jeans that night also. I didn’t take a picture of the outfit, but I got a little smarter this week. It’s chilly here now so fall apparel is upon us. I grabbed my maternity capris and put boots on! Genius, right?! For the most part yes. The books are fitted so there wasn’t a lot of extra room with my capris. I’ll try it again as it appears to be a great solution to my pant problem.

Wednesday, September 26 – The weather turned chilly so it’s time for the jean jacket to make an appearance. It’s a good way to take a typical maternity work outfit and make it look a little different.



My 3 hour glucose experience

It’s 3-hour glucose testing time! I’m sitting in the waiting room at the hospital lab. It’s a little before 6:30 am and I’ve already had my blood drawn once and have been sitting on a liter of sweet drink for about 30 minutes. I’m not sure exactly what to expect. So far LBL 2.0  is jumping around my stomach like I had to fast and then injected a bunch of sugar into my system. Oh, I guess that’s exactly what happened. It doesn’t sound like all offices are the same as mine, but I was put on a 3-day carb “diet” and had to ensure that I ate specific things at each meal. Outside of that I could eat whatever I wanted, but I was so full from eating all that food at each meal that I’ve walked around feeling like a balloon about to pop. I’m not entirely sure if the diet was the diet to follow if this comes back positive, but Bryan thinks it is the diet to try to prevent my body from crashing when the sugar hits my system.


Well, this sure is an exciting “activity.” If Bryan is right, it didn’t work. My body crashed with the sugar rush and I almost passed out in the waiting room. Thankfully there was a receptionist out there with me so I told her I needed to lay down. A dark room and semi-flat surface helped me. I was definitely on the verge of going down – white dots, hot flashes, cold sweat. My biggest concern {outside of walking} was that I keep the drink down so I didn’t have to start over! All is well and I’m feeling 100% again. I can say without a doubt that I don’t want to do this ever again! My body doesn’t handle things well, whether it’s medicine or sugar on an empty stomach.

I’m very thankful that I’m doing this at the local lab where my mother-in-law works. I can’t imagine being at my doctor’s office in the waiting room. I don’t think I would have been able to tell a receptionist that I wasn’t feeling well. If I have to take the 1-hr test ever again, I think I’ll plan on not eating anything before the appointment. I’m pretty discouraged at myself that my lunch probably made me fail it the first time. I’m never a fan of anything related to fasting, but this tops the list!

I can say that the actual blood draw has gone well. My mother-in-law is a pro and much better than the last few people who have drawn me. And she’s a lot better than the lady who gave me my flu shot last week! 🙂


Lots of traveling, none of it relaxing

I don’t do a lot of traveling for work. I can usually count on one hand the number of times I have to be gone during the year. I have an annual trip every fall and then a few other meetings throughout. Sometimes I try to get a training in somewhere, but life gets pretty hectic.

I just spent seven days in Anaheim, CA. I wish I could say it was blissful, relaxing, and everything I hoped it would be. Instead, I started working Saturday morning at 9 and didn’t catch a break until I got on a plane Friday morning at 11:30. Needless to say, I spent both flights sleeping. The purpose of the trip was a convention. I have responsibilities of our booth in a tradeshow that makes me spend my weekend setting up that area. Because my company is part of a bigger group, I have responsibilities with the overall team to help setup the convention for the week. I sat in a room for hours putting together badges for attendees, then I walked across to the convention hall and stood on concrete for hours while fork lifts moved our products around. Then, I went back and assembled more badges. As I was coming back with my lunch, there were two people setting up massage chairs! If that wasn’t the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! I was very thankful for a 10-minute break. I sure hope they continue to add that to our setup day!

My week looked the same, regardless of the day. Our room was near a deck that cut the walking time down so we did get to experience the sun at least once a day. Breakfast from 7-8, an assortment of talks to pick from, lunch, more talks, and then the tradeshow exhibit until Wednesday night. At 8 pm, we got to tear down our booth. At 11:30, we finally left the hall. I was exhausted, hungry, and my lower back and feet were killing me. I made it until Wednesday before my feet swelled. I’d consider that a success! Thursday was more of the same, make sure all my products got loaded onto the proper semis. There was only one restaurant in the hotel and it didn’t seat 3,000 people so we had to walk a mile to get something to eat every night. The food was always good, but this pregnant body did not enjoy all the walking. The hotel was right across from Disneyland so one option for food was Downtown Disney. That was pretty much the extent of my CA experience. Our social event on Thursday night was at Disneyland and we had a private dining area, but we were only there for about an hour before it got dark. And, Disneyland involved more walking. After that we got a private light show at the California Adventure. That was pretty amazing, but there was no seating. I was literally leaning against Bryan and shifting my feet like an inpatient child at Christmas. Just thinking about it sends shooting pains through my back!

I would have loved to see the Pacific Ocean or head to one of the beach areas for dinner, but our busy schedules didn’t allow for it. A lot of people stayed over the weekend so they could see the sites and attractions. I’m a little jealous of that, but know that I wouldn’t have the energy. After seven days, I was more than ready to come home! I’m amazed that Saturday morning I woke up feeling much better. Granted, I was tired all weekend, but my body felt physically better.

Unfortunately, I’m traveling again Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. It’s a short trip and I’m very thankful. I know it won’t be physically enduring like the last one, but I’m still kind of wishing I didn’t have to sit on an airplane again. And I hope that since it’s the middle of the week, the plane won’t be packed and I won’t be sitting next to anyone.


At 28 weeks, I failed my first test

I got a call from my stand-in nurse last week. I was getting ready for the day, it was 6:15 Pacific time and a sleepy-eyed husband brought my phone into the bathroom. I missed the call, but listened to the voicemail on my elevator ride to my meeting. It was a simple, “call me back.” I knew my day was going to get crazy and Pacific to Central time zones had been screwing up my week. I got to my 7 am meeting a few minutes before it started. I quickly grabbed some breakfast and called her back. I had forgotten that my stand-in nurse is a nervous nelly. {My regular nurse is on maternity leave. I can’t wait until she comes back!} This nurse recently checked my urine sample and said, “hmm, your protein is a little high.” Bryan and I glanced at each other while he mouthed, “what??” When we got to the question portion of my appointment, I asked my doctor what that meant. She said my proteins are always a little elevated. They watch to make sure they don’t change. She showed me where they were on the scale and it was just above no protein. Ok, thanks nervous nurse!

So, while I heard my meeting organizer say, “let’s go around and do introductions,” I listened as nervous nurse said my glucose results came back and they were slightly elevated. I need to do a three-day diet, fast the night before, and do a three-hour glucose test. Ok, I’ve heard of lots of people failing the glucose test. And maybe the McDonald’s that I ate on the way to the one-hour appointment wasn’t the best idea. The quick and dirty appeared to be that she could either mail a copy of the three-day diet or fax it to me. As I was trying to interrupt her to tell her I was traveling and would need her to mail me a copy, she went on to explain the whole program. This woman talked for a solid five-minutes before she took a breathe and I could say anything.

And then I rocked her world. She didn’t know what to do because usually when people call in she schedules the lab appointment. I explained that I was out the whole week and two-days the next also. I think I heard her crumble to the floor. She talked herself off the ledge and decided that I could call her back and then she would put me on hold and call the lab to schedule me. I didn’t have the heart to throw another curve ball and ask if I could do the three-hour test locally instead of spending an hour and a half in the car also. We left it with her agreeing to mail me the diet information and me agreeing to call back when I could look at my calendar as opposed to talking on my phone that has my calendar {and also trying to get into a meeting!}. But before I could hang up she went ahead and told me her schedule. I could call her back that day of course but then she wouldn’t be in the office until next Thursday and Friday.

WHAT?! My next appointment is next Thursday. Why in the world are we having a mental breakdown over getting this done if I can schedule it during my next appointment!? And why, during my last appointment, did my doctor say, “we’ll talk about your results at your next appointment” if it’s not that big of a deal either way. I hate to break it to you nervous nurse, but you’ll be lucky if I make it in before my 32-week appointment to take the three-hour glucose test on results that were slightly elevated. This isn’t my first pregnancy, and while the first was complication-free until showtime, I’m not worried about this. And I’m sure the heck not overly excited to find out the results if you’re going to tell me to monitor my diet. Here’s a little secret about me, I live on sweets and carbs. My husband tries to force feed vegetables into me. I compromise by eating two or three bites, much less than my toddler. I crave chocolate on a daily basis, pregnant or not. And I’m very much looking forward to the holidays. So, let’s calm down about slightly elevated levels and take it one appointment at a time. Until “now” I’ve been the epitome of a healthy pregnancy. Let’s assume the best instead of the worst. Take a deep breath and do that for me, ok? Because I’m trying to stay on track with the image that my doctor has of me – calm, laid back, and easy-going about pregnancy. Women do this everyday, there’s no sense in getting worked up about little or non-existent things. I’m sure we’ll find a way for the lab to draw my blood. After all, I spent almost two-hours in there last time because they were so busy. 🙂

Being the pregnant elephant in the room

We’re traveling this week and Maximus is at home with grandparents. I’m sure he’s living the life of a little king. Him and the dog both. It’s hard traveling for a long time. This trip is seven days long and feels like an eternity to be away. Being an annual event, I know that it’s a long week. Little sleep, little resting, lots of working, lots of walking, and lots of networking. It’s all great, but makes for a very long week. I’m assuming that the week will feel just as long for the pregnant woman as it will for the guy who drinks too much most nights. 🙂 I also think that I’m going to make a lot of friends this year. Everyone seems to be interested in how I’m doing.

I’ve been working since Saturday morning. I can’t count the number of conversations I’ve had about my pregnancy. I think the only people to not comment are exhibition workers. I entered a room and was called out to by a woman I’d never seen. She recognized me as the pregnant woman who had emailed her. I guess her odds were pretty good that I’d be Kyley. 🙂 I’ve been told to sit down, stop cleaning something, go get more water, and stay away from spray paint fumes. I’m not used to people making any comments about being pregnant. I’m used to talking about due dates and how the pregnancy is going. I’m not used to so many people being concerned with how I’m feeling, how my feet are doing, or my health in general.

While I’m thankful that so many people are concerned about my well-being, I’m a little discouraged. My job is to ensure that our booth is set up for a tradeshow this week. I’m an integral part of that setup and I’ve spent the majority of my two days sitting on a chair. Don’t get me wrong, my feet can’t take the concrete floor for very long so I’m thankful for the chairs. But, it sure feels like I’m a waste of space. While the majority of my work was done prior to this week, I’d still like to lend a hand and feel like I’m helping out this week.

Since the event hasn’t happened yet, I’ll hold my tongue and see how the next five days go. I’ll probably be glad that I was able to put my feet up a little bit this weekend. It turns out that being in Disneyland means you have to walk A LOT. In order to eat anything, we have to walk a mile. So, I’ll continue to take my opportunities during the day to sit or take my shoes off. And when given an hour before I need to be somewhere, I’ll walk the long trek up to our room to rest a little bit. I think that’s the only way I’ll make it through the week in one, pregnant piece.

My thoughts on the birth of this baby: VBAC and C-section

At our 12-week appointment, my doctor explained that our hospital isn’t a VBAC-approved hospital because it isn’t large enough. However, if you deliver during business hours they have enough staff because the practice is right next door. I’m paraphrasing a little here, but I did repeat it back to her as that. “Basically, if I deliver Monday through Friday, from 8-5, then I have the chance to do a VBAC?” Yes. Ok, so there’s little to no planning for this birth. Check. Ironically, this conversation made me feel better. One of my first emotions was fear. I couldn’t imagine knowing I was going to be scheduled for surgery. Obviously I’ve already experienced one, but I had 2-minutes to think about it. When in the throes of major contractions, there are plenty of things to keep your mind off of the specifics. Specifically the part where the doctor said, “don’t push!” Maybe if I’d only had that one c-section I wouldn’t be so nervous. With a recent foot surgery, going into an OR is very real in my mind. I can still feel the anxiety and emotion that I felt that morning when I was waiting to go in. I left that appointment feeling really good about the birth. It may be completely out of my control, but I felt really well about the possibility of a VBAC.

At my 2o-week ultrasound our due date was estimated to be off by 8 days. We talked with my OB about changing the date and decided not to push it up a week. If I remember correctly, our ultrasound with Maximus showed the date being off by 7 days. So, we’re keeping the December 27 due date, even though the ultrasound suggests it’s more likely to be December 19. Due dates seem to be much of a guessing game anyway, that no one seem worried about it.

Unfortunately, after we decided not to change the date she told me she probably wouldn’t let me go past December 20 {39 weeks}. She didn’t type anything into the computer so I didn’t push the topic. I just absorbed what she said and tried to not feel disappointed. Wouldn’t you know, the next appointment she mentioned it again. 😦 So, it looks like we didn’t change the due date but she’s not into the idea of letting me go past 39 weeks. I’m trying not to dwell on it because her and I both think that I’ll go early anyway. But, now I’ve got this giant target and I hate having something weigh me down. With Maximus, I told myself I would go 42 weeks. I didn’t want my due date to come and be devastated that he wasn’t here yet. I was prepared for him to arrive, but didn’t want to put an enormous amount of hope into it happening on a certain day. I didn’t want to screw up my mental game, if you will. I’m a little concerned this unexpected news will screw up my plan. Then again, I didn’t really have much of a plan to begin with. I guess we’ll all find out in December!

Come December, send me some healthy birthing vibes! I’m looking for a text-book delivery that falls between normal business hours and with a little boy who is ready to exit the right way. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for! 😉