Lots of traveling, none of it relaxing

I don’t do a lot of traveling for work. I can usually count on one hand the number of times I have to be gone during the year. I have an annual trip every fall and then a few other meetings throughout. Sometimes I try to get a training in somewhere, but life gets pretty hectic.

I just spent seven days in Anaheim, CA. I wish I could say it was blissful, relaxing, and everything I hoped it would be. Instead, I started working Saturday morning at 9 and didn’t catch a break until I got on a plane Friday morning at 11:30. Needless to say, I spent both flights sleeping. The purpose of the trip was a convention. I have responsibilities of our booth in a tradeshow that makes me spend my weekend setting up that area. Because my company is part of a bigger group, I have responsibilities with the overall team to help setup the convention for the week. I sat in a room for hours putting together badges for attendees, then I walked across to the convention hall and stood on concrete for hours while fork lifts moved our products around. Then, I went back and assembled more badges. As I was coming back with my lunch, there were two people setting up massage chairs! If that wasn’t the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! I was very thankful for a 10-minute break. I sure hope they continue to add that to our setup day!

My week looked the same, regardless of the day. Our room was near a deck that cut the walking time down so we did get to experience the sun at least once a day. Breakfast from 7-8, an assortment of talks to pick from, lunch, more talks, and then the tradeshow exhibit until Wednesday night. At 8 pm, we got to tear down our booth. At 11:30, we finally left the hall. I was exhausted, hungry, and my lower back and feet were killing me. I made it until Wednesday before my feet swelled. I’d consider that a success! Thursday was more of the same, make sure all my products got loaded onto the proper semis. There was only one restaurant in the hotel and it didn’t seat 3,000 people so we had to walk a mile to get something to eat every night. The food was always good, but this pregnant body did not enjoy all the walking. The hotel was right across from Disneyland so one option for food was Downtown Disney. That was pretty much the extent of my CA experience. Our social event on Thursday night was at Disneyland and we had a private dining area, but we were only there for about an hour before it got dark. And, Disneyland involved more walking. After that we got a private light show at the California Adventure. That was pretty amazing, but there was no seating. I was literally leaning against Bryan and shifting my feet like an inpatient child at Christmas. Just thinking about it sends shooting pains through my back!

I would have loved to see the Pacific Ocean or head to one of the beach areas for dinner, but our busy schedules didn’t allow for it. A lot of people stayed over the weekend so they could see the sites and attractions. I’m a little jealous of that, but know that I wouldn’t have the energy. After seven days, I was more than ready to come home! I’m amazed that Saturday morning I woke up feeling much better. Granted, I was tired all weekend, but my body felt physically better.

Unfortunately, I’m traveling again Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. It’s a short trip and I’m very thankful. I know it won’t be physically enduring like the last one, but I’m still kind of wishing I didn’t have to sit on an airplane again. And I hope that since it’s the middle of the week, the plane won’t be packed and I won’t be sitting next to anyone.


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