What I wore: Week 26

Week 26

pleated poppy

Thursday, September 20 – New outfit! This shirt is really long when I’m not pregnant so I knew it would be a good maternity shirt! It’s not form fitting, even with a 6 1/2 month belly, so I got to wear a belt. You know, since I’m in love with belts. Except it was a little uncomfortable when I was driving and I wasn’t able to slouch at all! I forgot that with a 6 1/2 month pregnant belly comes less room. 🙂 I’ll wear this outfit again, but maybe minus the belt.

black ankle length skirt {Maurices}, shirt {Express} belt, {Target}


Friday, September 21 – It was a “casual” day at work. We were allowed to wear our Not In Our Town shirts again, but mine doesn’t fit anymore. 😦 So, I found the closest thing to orange. A hooded striped sweater from American Eagle. I wore it with gray pants and called it good. Because it was casual, I was able to wear it with jeans that night also. I didn’t take a picture of the outfit, but I got a little smarter this week. It’s chilly here now so fall apparel is upon us. I grabbed my maternity capris and put boots on! Genius, right?! For the most part yes. The books are fitted so there wasn’t a lot of extra room with my capris. I’ll try it again as it appears to be a great solution to my pant problem.

Wednesday, September 26 – The weather turned chilly so it’s time for the jean jacket to make an appearance. It’s a good way to take a typical maternity work outfit and make it look a little different.



What I Wore {week 25}


I’m changing up the maternity clothes posts. I’m hooking up with Lindsey  over on The Pleated Poppy with What I Wore Wednesday posts.

pleated poppy

Maternity wear, week 25

Thursday, September 13 – I had an early morning meeting and it was really chilly in my house. So, I wanted to wear something that felt warm, but I knew I wasn’t ready for sweaters yet. This is a bit of a stretch, in more ways than one, but my pants are gray and so is my shirt. I doubt I’ll wear this shirt much more since I barely got the last button done. That may explain why I felt stretched to my limits most of the day. 🙂

pants {Gap Maternity}, shirt {Gap}

Friday, September 14 – repeat work outfit. New date night outfit! I’m undecided if I’ll try to wear these pants again. They really didn’t fit, but I wore my belly band and faked it. Even though I couldn’t even pretend to zip them, they didn’t fall down! 🙂 Because the pants are skinny jeans, they stretched. They are the only pair of jeans that I have that I could try to make fit, yet normally they are the tightest ones I have. If I get in a pinch, I might try it again…

pants {American Eagle skinny jeans}, shirt {Gap Maternity}



September 11 – New outfit! I found some new colors to go with my Gap pants. The shirt didn’t quite fit as well as I would have liked so I was really layered up. I had a white tank top on to give it some length and then still didn’t feel comfortable so I put on a black vest. I doubt I’ll wear the gold shirt again and that’s unfortunate because I liked the pop of color. I think it looks like it fit more than it felt.

pants {Gap Maternity}, gold shirt {Old Navy}, black vest {Maurices}, jewelry {Lia Sophia}


My other outfits were repeats and none of them were favorites. My date night outfit was by far my favorite outfit of the week! I love the purple shirt. It’s got plenty of room right now and I wish it was a little tighter, but I know I’ll enjoy wearing it all the way through the pregnancy. It was the first time this pregnancy, or as long as I can remember, that I felt like I was wearing normal clothes. I usually feel like maternity clothes make me feel un-normal. It’s like I search for clothes to cover my body and nothing is really me. Or what I want.

Week 25 in the books!