What I wore: Week 26

Week 26

pleated poppy

Thursday, September 20 – New outfit! This shirt is really long when I’m not pregnant so I knew it would be a good maternity shirt! It’s not form fitting, even with a 6 1/2 month belly, so I got to wear a belt. You know, since I’m in love with belts. Except it was a little uncomfortable when I was driving and I wasn’t able to slouch at all! I forgot that with a 6 1/2 month pregnant belly comes less room. 🙂 I’ll wear this outfit again, but maybe minus the belt.

black ankle length skirt {Maurices}, shirt {Express} belt, {Target}


Friday, September 21 – It was a “casual” day at work. We were allowed to wear our Not In Our Town shirts again, but mine doesn’t fit anymore. 😦 So, I found the closest thing to orange. A hooded striped sweater from American Eagle. I wore it with gray pants and called it good. Because it was casual, I was able to wear it with jeans that night also. I didn’t take a picture of the outfit, but I got a little smarter this week. It’s chilly here now so fall apparel is upon us. I grabbed my maternity capris and put boots on! Genius, right?! For the most part yes. The books are fitted so there wasn’t a lot of extra room with my capris. I’ll try it again as it appears to be a great solution to my pant problem.

Wednesday, September 26 – The weather turned chilly so it’s time for the jean jacket to make an appearance. It’s a good way to take a typical maternity work outfit and make it look a little different.



Maternity Monday: Week 24

Maternity Monday, week 24 {6 months}

Thursday, September 6 – I didn’t take a picture of my outfit, but I will eventually. I wore a maternity maxi dress from SweetPea Maternity.

Friday, September 7 – I made the mistake of dressing like the opposing team that the Cyclones were playing that weekend. Thankfully, I only got one comment and we beat that team, which happens to be our in-state rivals. 🙂

Black skirt (Motherhood), black shirt (Maurices), yellow top (Gap outlet)

Excuse the unedited picture. Lightroom isn’t work with me right now.










Monday, September 11 – no outfit pictures. I wore a simple black dress from Gap with a black and white scarf.

Tuesday, September 12 – This might become one of my staples for this pregnancy. The shirt is really long and I haven’t put it into my main work wardrobe because it’s fitted and fits weird over my pants. Basically it only works with a skirt. With a growing belly, I could definitely wear it with any of my pants too.

skirt {Motherhood}, shirt {Express}


Wednesday, September 13 – this was a lame outfit. I found clothes that fit and went to work. I did attempt to spruce it up a bit by adding a scarf and necklace, but it was by no means a great outfit.

pants {Gap Maternity}, shirt {Gap}



My favorite two outfits of this week were the maxi dress that I didn’t take a picture of and the skirt / top outfit on Monday.

Maternity Monday

This was the first outfit I planned in my head. By sheer willpower, I held off until the middle of the week until I wore it. It was the only outfit that seemed “right” and I had a lot of things going on this day and thought it would be the most appropriate of the week.

Wednesday, August 29 work outfit:
Dress (American Eagle), Cardigan (Gap), Belt (Target), Necklace (Lia Sophia), Dog (Beagle). All years old.

It’s pretty much what I envisioned it would be. The skinny belt worked well even though the dress scrunches under the bust. It’s a spaghetti strap dress and the bust piece ties in the back so it does have some form to it. The form looks a lot better when I’m pregnant compared to not, but I did wear this for Maximus’ first birthday party.





The only negative is that I won’t be able to wear it when it gets cooler. I could wear it casually with leggings, but won’t be able to wear that to work. I have a feeling tights will not be something I want to wear when I’m bigger, but maybe I’ll find it is ok.





So far I like the season of pregnancy and weather, but I’m really nervous about finding cold weather clothes that I can wear. What are your favorite cold weather maternity wears?

Maternity clothes: Day 2

I’ve gotten a few comments about my maternity clothes, so I’m going to propel myself into this thing. Unfortunately my camera man wasn’t around so I had to take the photos myself. And I haven’t cleaned the mirror recently so you’ll notice toddler residue at that level.

Tuesday, August 28 work outfit:
Dress (Gap), Cardigan (Gap), Belt (Target)
Nothing is linked because I’ve had these pieces for years.

It’s been pretty hot around here lately. Almost as hot as our summer has been, but only in the 90s lately. Anything of skirt or dress form is welcomed during the heat wave.





This is a very comfortable dress. It’s cotton and flow-y. The negative has always been that it’s an awkward spaghetti strap dress. It’s cut weird so you can’t wear it alone. I think I can only wear it with this cardigan because it buttons over the chest. A normal cardigan hangs open and exposes the weirdness of it. Because of this, I don’t wear the dress that often.




I didn’t love this outfit, but it was ok. I think I’d like it better if I could find a gold or yellow cardigan instead of the green. I think I’ve popped in the past week, but when I wore this dress I received a couple of comments from people at work who didn’t know I was pregnant. Surprise!