Maternity clothes: Day 2

I’ve gotten a few comments about my maternity clothes, so I’m going to propel myself into this thing. Unfortunately my camera man wasn’t around so I had to take the photos myself. And I haven’t cleaned the mirror recently so you’ll notice toddler residue at that level.

Tuesday, August 28 work outfit:
Dress (Gap), Cardigan (Gap), Belt (Target)
Nothing is linked because I’ve had these pieces for years.

It’s been pretty hot around here lately. Almost as hot as our summer has been, but only in the 90s lately. Anything of skirt or dress form is welcomed during the heat wave.





This is a very comfortable dress. It’s cotton and flow-y. The negative has always been that it’s an awkward spaghetti strap dress. It’s cut weird so you can’t wear it alone. I think I can only wear it with this cardigan because it buttons over the chest. A normal cardigan hangs open and exposes the weirdness of it. Because of this, I don’t wear the dress that often.




I didn’t love this outfit, but it was ok. I think I’d like it better if I could find a gold or yellow cardigan instead of the green. I think I’ve popped in the past week, but when I wore this dress I received a couple of comments from people at work who didn’t know I was pregnant. Surprise!


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