What I wore: Week 26

Week 26

pleated poppy

Thursday, September 20 – New outfit! This shirt is really long when I’m not pregnant so I knew it would be a good maternity shirt! It’s not form fitting, even with a 6 1/2 month belly, so I got to wear a belt. You know, since I’m in love with belts. Except it was a little uncomfortable when I was driving and I wasn’t able to slouch at all! I forgot that with a 6 1/2 month pregnant belly comes less room. 🙂 I’ll wear this outfit again, but maybe minus the belt.

black ankle length skirt {Maurices}, shirt {Express} belt, {Target}


Friday, September 21 – It was a “casual” day at work. We were allowed to wear our Not In Our Town shirts again, but mine doesn’t fit anymore. 😦 So, I found the closest thing to orange. A hooded striped sweater from American Eagle. I wore it with gray pants and called it good. Because it was casual, I was able to wear it with jeans that night also. I didn’t take a picture of the outfit, but I got a little smarter this week. It’s chilly here now so fall apparel is upon us. I grabbed my maternity capris and put boots on! Genius, right?! For the most part yes. The books are fitted so there wasn’t a lot of extra room with my capris. I’ll try it again as it appears to be a great solution to my pant problem.

Wednesday, September 26 – The weather turned chilly so it’s time for the jean jacket to make an appearance. It’s a good way to take a typical maternity work outfit and make it look a little different.



At 28 weeks, I failed my first test

I got a call from my stand-in nurse last week. I was getting ready for the day, it was 6:15 Pacific time and a sleepy-eyed husband brought my phone into the bathroom. I missed the call, but listened to the voicemail on my elevator ride to my meeting. It was a simple, “call me back.” I knew my day was going to get crazy and Pacific to Central time zones had been screwing up my week. I got to my 7 am meeting a few minutes before it started. I quickly grabbed some breakfast and called her back. I had forgotten that my stand-in nurse is a nervous nelly. {My regular nurse is on maternity leave. I can’t wait until she comes back!} This nurse recently checked my urine sample and said, “hmm, your protein is a little high.” Bryan and I glanced at each other while he mouthed, “what??” When we got to the question portion of my appointment, I asked my doctor what that meant. She said my proteins are always a little elevated. They watch to make sure they don’t change. She showed me where they were on the scale and it was just above no protein. Ok, thanks nervous nurse!

So, while I heard my meeting organizer say, “let’s go around and do introductions,” I listened as nervous nurse said my glucose results came back and they were slightly elevated. I need to do a three-day diet, fast the night before, and do a three-hour glucose test. Ok, I’ve heard of lots of people failing the glucose test. And maybe the McDonald’s that I ate on the way to the one-hour appointment wasn’t the best idea. The quick and dirty appeared to be that she could either mail a copy of the three-day diet or fax it to me. As I was trying to interrupt her to tell her I was traveling and would need her to mail me a copy, she went on to explain the whole program. This woman talked for a solid five-minutes before she took a breathe and I could say anything.

And then I rocked her world. She didn’t know what to do because usually when people call in she schedules the lab appointment. I explained that I was out the whole week and two-days the next also. I think I heard her crumble to the floor. She talked herself off the ledge and decided that I could call her back and then she would put me on hold and call the lab to schedule me. I didn’t have the heart to throw another curve ball and ask if I could do the three-hour test locally instead of spending an hour and a half in the car also. We left it with her agreeing to mail me the diet information and me agreeing to call back when I could look at my calendar as opposed to talking on my phone that has my calendar {and also trying to get into a meeting!}. But before I could hang up she went ahead and told me her schedule. I could call her back that day of course but then she wouldn’t be in the office until next Thursday and Friday.

WHAT?! My next appointment is next Thursday. Why in the world are we having a mental breakdown over getting this done if I can schedule it during my next appointment!? And why, during my last appointment, did my doctor say, “we’ll talk about your results at your next appointment” if it’s not that big of a deal either way. I hate to break it to you nervous nurse, but you’ll be lucky if I make it in before my 32-week appointment to take the three-hour glucose test on results that were slightly elevated. This isn’t my first pregnancy, and while the first was complication-free until showtime, I’m not worried about this. And I’m sure the heck not overly excited to find out the results if you’re going to tell me to monitor my diet. Here’s a little secret about me, I live on sweets and carbs. My husband tries to force feed vegetables into me. I compromise by eating two or three bites, much less than my toddler. I crave chocolate on a daily basis, pregnant or not. And I’m very much looking forward to the holidays. So, let’s calm down about slightly elevated levels and take it one appointment at a time. Until “now” I’ve been the epitome of a healthy pregnancy. Let’s assume the best instead of the worst. Take a deep breath and do that for me, ok? Because I’m trying to stay on track with the image that my doctor has of me – calm, laid back, and easy-going about pregnancy. Women do this everyday, there’s no sense in getting worked up about little or non-existent things. I’m sure we’ll find a way for the lab to draw my blood. After all, I spent almost two-hours in there last time because they were so busy. 🙂

Maternity Monday: This body isn’t holding up like it used to

We’re getting ready for a work trip. A seven-day long work trip. I’m thankful that Bryan is coming along with, but we’re going to miss Maximus a lot. This weekend we tried to cram a lot of family fun into the short time. Then life got in the way. My neighbor had a garage sale and we decided to take our piles over. Five hours of standing and re-arranging is a lot for me at this point. I was fine during, but as soon as I sat down for lunch I realized that I was beat. I could barely keep my eyes open. {More so from Maximus waking up at 6:30 I’m sure.} My feet were sore, even though I had tennis shoes on. By the time we got done with lunch, Maximus and I were looking at a 30-minute nap before we needed to be at a birthday party.

A 30-minute nap is never adequate for a toddler, especially when he didn’t get enough sleep the previous night. In predictable toddler fashion, he played in his bed very loudly during the 30-minutes. I peaked in on him and he had a bunch of golf clubs and egg shakers in his bed and he was sitting up. He was very quiet about pulling all the items into his bed, but was not quiet about playing with them. Eventually he was singing at the top of his lungs and shaking the eggs as hard as he could. I put my feet up and listened to the endless noise while Bryan got ready. It was enough of a rest to realize that I was exhausted and had no energy to get up. I did anyway and then prayed that Maximus wouldn’t fall asleep 5 minutes before we needed to get him up. Feeling so exhausted made me a little nervous about my trip. It’s a physical event, lots of walking, standing, and not much down time. It’s basically go-go-go for seven days. I wasn’t worried about it until this weekend when I realized I need to rest a little bit. Here’s to hoping that I’ll be able to rest a little and wake up each day feeling refreshed.

It won’t surprise anyone that after a three-hour party, Maximus crashed as soon as we got in the car. Before we got off their street, I turned around to see eye lids falling and drool coming out of his mouth. He wanted nothing to do with me trying to keep him awake and basically opened his eyes to glare at me. Watch out son, mama’s only going to get more annoying!


Falling asleep at 5:30 is by no means ideal for a toddler who would probably wake up at 4:30 the next morning, so Bryan tried putting him in the living room. Thankfully, he was sitting up on the floor when I came in the house. The next two hours were less than perfect. He was crabby and not a very good listener. We made it through and he went to bed at 7:45. Only to wake up at 6:30 again on Sunday. What I wouldn’t give for a weekend of sleeping in until 8. His new wake-up time snuck up on us. I can’t pinpoint when he stopped getting up at 8, but I sure do miss it!

On Sunday, we both got in a nap. Maximus held out a little longer than I did, but we both looked refreshed afterwards. Now, if only it was acceptable for me to go to bed at 8 too. Anyone else read bedtime stories through yawns as the toddler asks for more books?

What I Wore {week 25}


I’m changing up the maternity clothes posts. I’m hooking up with Lindsey  over on The Pleated Poppy with What I Wore Wednesday posts.

pleated poppy

Maternity wear, week 25

Thursday, September 13 – I had an early morning meeting and it was really chilly in my house. So, I wanted to wear something that felt warm, but I knew I wasn’t ready for sweaters yet. This is a bit of a stretch, in more ways than one, but my pants are gray and so is my shirt. I doubt I’ll wear this shirt much more since I barely got the last button done. That may explain why I felt stretched to my limits most of the day. 🙂

pants {Gap Maternity}, shirt {Gap}

Friday, September 14 – repeat work outfit. New date night outfit! I’m undecided if I’ll try to wear these pants again. They really didn’t fit, but I wore my belly band and faked it. Even though I couldn’t even pretend to zip them, they didn’t fall down! 🙂 Because the pants are skinny jeans, they stretched. They are the only pair of jeans that I have that I could try to make fit, yet normally they are the tightest ones I have. If I get in a pinch, I might try it again…

pants {American Eagle skinny jeans}, shirt {Gap Maternity}



September 11 – New outfit! I found some new colors to go with my Gap pants. The shirt didn’t quite fit as well as I would have liked so I was really layered up. I had a white tank top on to give it some length and then still didn’t feel comfortable so I put on a black vest. I doubt I’ll wear the gold shirt again and that’s unfortunate because I liked the pop of color. I think it looks like it fit more than it felt.

pants {Gap Maternity}, gold shirt {Old Navy}, black vest {Maurices}, jewelry {Lia Sophia}


My other outfits were repeats and none of them were favorites. My date night outfit was by far my favorite outfit of the week! I love the purple shirt. It’s got plenty of room right now and I wish it was a little tighter, but I know I’ll enjoy wearing it all the way through the pregnancy. It was the first time this pregnancy, or as long as I can remember, that I felt like I was wearing normal clothes. I usually feel like maternity clothes make me feel un-normal. It’s like I search for clothes to cover my body and nothing is really me. Or what I want.

Week 25 in the books!

Maternity Monday: Peace

The rules of babies are to not get too cocky. Don’t flaunt sleeping through the night or an easy potty training. If the universe thinks you’re overly confident, it’ll throw a major curveball and undo the awesomeness. Without trying to do that, I want to say that I’m enjoying the phase we’re in. I absolutely love this two-year old who lives in my house. With each day I wonder how I can possibly love that little munchkin any more. Then he does something absolutely hilarious or compassionate and I die a million deaths. I find myself just watching him. Watching him take life in. Watching him think. Watching him do something. I love it. He’s amazing and this age rocks! I thought I was a baby stage lover and then two hit and I know I’m just a Maximus lover. 🙂

Needless to say, toddlerhood is working out well for us. Maximus picks things up quickly and has become a well-mannered little boy. He’s pretty consistent in his attitudes and routines. At this point, we feel like he’s pretty predictable. When he acts out, it’s easy to pinpoint what the problem is. When he’s fussy and unhappy, we know right away that he’s teething. When he sleeps too much we know he’s not feeling well. He doesn’t throw anything at us that we haven’t seen before so we know how to handle him. We’re in a comfortable spot. If we weren’t expecting, I might suggest that we’d be too comfortable to change the dynamic. I can see how it would be easy to keep doing this and not try to “screw it up.”

Because we are expecting, this toddler thing just makes me feel better. I have a huge sense of peace about our family dynamic changing in December. It hasn’t always been that way. In the beginning I often wondered how he’d react and how much our life would change. I wondered how the chaos was going to feel normal. That’s changed. I can’t put my finger on what exactly changed, I don’t think it’s all the toddler but maybe it is. I’m really excited about the next phase. I feel good about a baby and a toddler. It’s a feeling of life going in the right direction. As hectic as my days and weeks have been, I have a good feeling about the new family dynamic we’re about to embrace.

I hear a lot of first time moms talk about mommy guilt when they are about to have their second child. There’s still plenty of time for that, but right now I don’t feel it. I am grateful for 2 1/2 years of undivided devotion to Maximus. I’m glad we’ve been able to make him the center of our life. {I do have a little guilt / hope that LBL 2.0 will get the same attention.} I feel like we did this right, even if we didn’t plan it out. 🙂 He’s at the age where he is going to flourish with a little brother. By the time LBL 2.0 will be active, Maximus will be ready to play with him! Before that, I know Maximus is going to be a big help. I know he’ll be loving and gentle. I’m not naive, I expect some jealousy and won’t be surprised if he acts out. But, I think in the end he’s going to be just fine. Feeling like he’s going to adjust well really makes this pregnancy more enjoyable. There’s less unknown than when we were pregnant for the first time. There’s a lot of calm and excitement for what we know is to come.

Maybe it’s the second trimester energy and emotion speaking. {Heh, for all of one more week.} Either way, I like this feeling. I like feeling a sense of peace in the chaos of this time. It’s ironic that this calming feeling comes after a week of feeling overwhelmed. I may still have a lot on my to do list and even more on my wish list, but I’m enjoying this sense of right.