Keeping busy, also known as nesting

The Leger house has been pretty busy lately. Preparing for little brother and taking care of the normal household duties leaves little time left for “fun” things like writing. In the past couple of weeks Bryan has painted the nursery, put the crib together, painted the boys’ bathroom, we’ve bought new living room furniture, and Bryan has built towel racks for the boys’ bathroom. Ok, so it sounds more like he’s been busy! 🙂 I can’t help it that he’s the painter or the builder in the house, but I was very involved in picking out the couches and end tables.

Bryan and I both hit the nesting phase. Not surprisingly, we’re both going different directions. He’s spent the week taking loads to Goodwill and the dump. He’s gotten rid of old couches, a ping pong table, A LOT of electronics, and some clothes. His way of nesting is to rid the basement of clutter and get it organized so he can start finishing it. My way of nesting is to get all of those “things” done around the main part of the house, like painting, a toy storage compartment for the living room, new dining room table, and mud room organization systems.

The nursery is still missing some vital pieces. Our dresser just came in, but the changing table is on backorder and no one knows when it’ll arrive. It’s no big deal because we have a changing table in Maximus’ room, but both of them are dual purpose changing tables and storage so I’d like to be able to put things in it. I haven’t decide what decorations I’m going to do in the nursery, but that’s kind of my style. With five weeks to go, I need to pull the trigger and start buying things like a lamp, diaper caddy, elephant wall art, and maybe some window treatments.

Our living room isn’t finished yet. We’re picking out a storage ottoman, a couple of chairs, and an end table. We’ve really changed the layout of our living room and I’m excited about the change so far, but can’t wait to see the end result! I have an image in my mind and it wasn’t something that I’d ever considered in MY living room so I’m excited to have that become our house. 🙂 Have you bought new furniture and been surprised by how different they are from the floor models? This sectional was SUPER soft at the store, but is very firm in the new model. I can’t imagine the number of people who had to sit on the floor model in order to make it that different than the new. While it’s vastly different, I love it. Bryan is getting used to it and deciding if he likes it or not. {I’m afraid for him to not like it. It took us sooo long to pick this out!} One of my favorite aspects is that I don’t have to haul myself out of the couch! Being almost 9 months pregnant makes it hard to get around. Getting off a couch can be the most annoying thing and I love that I can just pop right up. And, there’s so much room that we’re all able to snuggle together.

Of course, waiting for over five years makes me even happier to have something new now. The waiting and saving was worth it when we walked in, paid for it in full, and walked out. There are some months that I get frustrated that we are choosing to put most of our paycheck into savings and I’d rather buy some “fun” things. Instead, I’m sitting on my new couch and fully enjoying the benefits of not having a financial attachment to it. I guess the saving and budgeting is worth it!

Next up, a new kitchen table! I haven’t been waiting five years for that, but we’re both ready to get something new and finish out our living room / dining room make-over. Do you think I’ll be so lucky to pick something that is in stock again? I was spoiled on the two week delivery wait for the sectional.

What is it about having a baby that makes a woman get antsy about doing EVERYTHING?! Here’s to a productive five weeks, because after that it’s going to be a while before I get anything together, including housework. 🙂

Third trimester starts now!

Third trimester! Today marks my 27th week. I’ve got about 12 weeks to go. Yes, I did the math right. I haven’t formed cohesive thoughts about the delivery yet. I was recently told that I wouldn’t go past 39 weeks since I’ve been measuring a little more than a week a head. So, I know that in at least 12 weeks I’ll have two sons. {Two baby sons, because when do I stop calling Maximus a baby? Never, right?}

At the beginning of the third trimester we have a lot left to do! For instance, our baby needs a name. Depending on your outlook of time, this may or may not be a big deal. We have one name that I thought was the direction we wanted to go. After a conversation with Bryan yesterday, I realize even though it was his suggestion he’s not 100%. Ironically, I had suggested the name during our first pregnancy. We have zero runner ups or even bench warmers. And of course no middle name. At least the last name is picked! 😉

We also need to find bedding. I struggled with Maximus and I’m struggling again. I have a basic idea and can’t find anything in a reasonable price without having a custom-made set by someone on Etsy. I don’t want characters and that’s almost impossible. I may back off that stance a little and do something with elephants or giraffes or something, but I want color. That seems to be the hardest part. It needs to look boyish, be something that a toddler can have, and use bright colors. Of course we can’t paint the room until the colors are picked. So the room sits in its hunter green glory.

Although Maximus was a summer baby, we have newborn clothes that include pants and sweatshirts. I am very thankful for this! Luckily we have lots of sleeves and pants because it was air condition season so our little babe had to stay warm. I’ve got plenty of receiving blankets for swaddling so I don’t feel the urge to buy newborn clothes. I do plan on buying a homecoming outfit for the little guy. I had originally thought about bringing him home in the same outfit that Maximus wore but I think I want them to each have their own. What do you think?

Lest you think we’re completely unprepared for LBL 2.0, we do have nursery furniture. We actually have the crib in the room. Obviously it’s not setup. But! It’s in the room along with a mattress. The rest of the furniture hasn’t come in yet so I can’t really start cleaning out the guest closet or unpacking the newborn boxes that I keep adding to the room. And the dog kennel is still in there and the dog spends his days hanging out there. So, the crib doesn’t feel like much of an accomplishment.

Ok, I might start to worry! No clothes washed and put away, no blankets ready for snuggling, and no idea what the layout of the room will be. None of the baby stuff has come up from the basement, so it definitely hasn’t been cleaned of Maximus slobber. I haven’t searched for baby hats to keep him warm when he shows up in the middle of winter. We decided that we hated the newborn fleece bodysuit that we had so we have to buy a new one.

You’d be right if you thought I hadn’t read a single baby book this pregnancy. Nothing about the pregnancy and nothing about delivery and nothing about bringing a new baby home. I’m winging it this time. There’s too many unknown toddler experiences to get through. I’ll trust my memory to kick in when this newborn shows up.

Anyone else starting to feel like 12 weeks isn’t a lot of time? Anyone want to do my Christmas shopping for me? Because when am I going to have time to do that.

No more baby crib!

With no help from the Internet, we decided to take the plunge. {Y’all had NO comments?!} We got rid of the crib railing and put in the smallest, shortest rail to keep a wiggly toddler in check. As most toddler plans go, we didn’t get it done yesterday because someone decided to spend over two hours talking during nap time. Then finally took an hour and a half nap that butted right up to our dinner plans. Tonight we decided real quick to do it. I took bath time and Bryan converted the crib to a toddler bed. Maximus took a bath, brushed his teeth, I cut his finger and toe nails, and we brushed his hair. When we were done, I took him in his room to put his pjs on. No kidding, we barely put one foot into his room and he saw the new railing. Nothing gets past that kid! {He gets that from me. :)} Our plan was to try to ignore it and hope that he didn’t notice it. We’re a little naive sometimes. 🙂 As soon as he was dressed, he went over to check things out. He didn’t even hesitate to climb up and lay down while saying, “night-night me.” Yup, that’s your new bed little dude!

Bryan came in to see him in there. I gave him a little baby pillow and a new blanket that would cover the whole bed. We thought this was going to be way easier than anticipated. He seemed to be ready for bed RIGHT THEN! We decided to stick to the nighttime routine  in hopes that everything would go smoothly. We told him no when he tried to stick a leg over the high part of the railing. We taught him to sit down to get out of the bed. We told him that’s where he goes night-night, just like at daycare with a pillow and blanket. We told him mommy and daddy didn’t fit in the bed, it was just for Maximus. {Secretly I’ve been ready for the conversion SO I could rest with him in his bed.}

Like most nights, he tried to get us to keep reading to him. I picked him up and tried to give him a kiss and tell him it was time to go night-night. He reached for his bed and I put him down. Like most nights recently, he didn’t lay down. A couple of times he started to but he pops back up. He watches us to see what we’re going to do. He always wants to be covered up and holding his tag, so he usually cries if we leave the room. Tonight he was standing near the edge of his bed. I had already told him no when he was dangling his foot over the edge. I told him we don’t get out of our bed. {Hopefully that will work in the morning too!} We hadn’t decided if we were going to shut the door or not. We haven’t up until this point. I decided not to and stood outside his door listening to him and watching through the crack to see if he got out of bed. He moved around a lot and started whimpering. Bryan met me at the door and our hearts broke for him as he whimpered. We both knew he was trying to cover himself up. At one point he said, “tag?” His tag is his comfort zone. It was all I could do not to go in there and cover him up and give him a tag to hold. But, I knew it would only make it worse. I peaked in enough to see that he was laying on his tummy in the right spot. That was enough for us and we went into the living room.

We sat in silence, each of us on a computer, for the better part of 30 minutes while we listening to him over the monitor. Breathing heavy and tossing and turning. We knew he wasn’t asleep. He’s usually not a restless sleeper. But, usually if he doesn’t want to sleep he talks. The only word that came out of his mouth was the quiet whisper of “tag.” It’s funny how quickly the newborn days come flashing back. I remember sitting in the living room, barely whispering, with the TV almost on mute, and moving about the house as quiet as a mouse. Our first night of the toddler conversion was much the same way. We didn’t want to call attention to anything!

After an hour, I went in and snapped a picture of my little baby. I guess he’s not a baby anymore. The picture proves it.

Sleeping like a big boy!

Nursery Update!

The nursery is 99% complete! It would be more complete if the rocking chair we purchased wasn’t broke. Yep, it isn’t straight and it doesn’t rock completely because there’s a piece of wood that extends too far in the back. It’s quite the bummer because it’s soft and overstuffed. We haven’t decided if we’ll try another one to see if this was just made of really poor quality. We’ll make that decision when we return this one.

Baby Leger's nursery


The walls have been painted. One wall is brown and three walls are blue. To put my husband to the real test, I requested stripes. I left the choice up to him and at the last minute he decided to do it. I know how much he wasn’t looking forward to it so it means a lot to me that he went through with it! I know it wasn’t easy to do and he’s a perfectionist when it comes to painting so he’s not 100% satisfied with it yet. But, to me, it’s perfect!

Baby Leger's crib


The nursery furniture is also put together! The following pictures aren’t the layout of the room, but rather where they were placed during the assembly process. Bryan had to unload them by himself so not only did he bring them into the house, but he got them into the nursery and then I helped him put them together. We’ve basically flip-flopped the layout from the assembly positions. It was a fun process for us to sit in the room and put together the furniture for our little boy. It was a good bonding experience and a good connection to the baby. Bryan had spent more time in the nursery since he painted the room, but it made it more real for both of us to spend a couple of hours sitting on the floor of the nursery.

You’ve seen Baby Leger’s bedding already, but now we get to display it! It matches the furniture perfectly and looks great with the colors!

Baby Leger's changing table


The four-drawer changing table. The changing pad has a baby blue cover on it. I love this because it will be perfect for baby and boy. The two-drawers that you can see swivel out so they are triangle-shaped. The changing table is already full of diapers and wipes and receiving blankets and bath towels and wash clothes. Everything on or in this table has been washed and folded in anticipation of Baby Leger’s arrival.

Baby Leger's bookcase


Baby Leger’s bookcase! Look at all those books from my great family and friends! The great thing about this bookcase is that you can take off the bottom and put it on the changing table to make it into a hutch. This will be great when the room needs to be a little more spacious.

The first step in a nursery…

What’s the first thing you have to figure out when creating a nursery? The colors!

Many internet hours went into the search for the perfect bedding for Baby Boy Leger. Criteria was specific – something that doesn’t become obsolete when he’s not a baby anymore. Ok, so no cutesy little animals. Check. How about no animals in general. Done. How about sports themed? There’s not a whole lot left. How about no theme? Interesting…that would be something to grow into.

I refined my search terms and got to work looking at stripes, shapes, and dots. I saved some into a ‘like’ pile and sought out the opinion of my partner. He helped whittle it down to two choices. From there I picked a gut choice based on the colors.

Baby Leger will be enjoying a room of blue, cream, and brown! The bedding is in our home waiting for the crib to arrive so it can be put into place. I can’t wait to have it set up, but in the meantime it’s nice to still have a computer room. Having a computer room means I’ve still got plenty of time. It means the spare bedroom can continue to be the storage area for gifts Baby Leger is already receiving. It means we’ve got a summer ahead of us before Baby Leger joins our home. It means time is still on our side and we can cross off all the baby things on our list. (You know, breathing classes, birthing classes, and anything else that helps prepare us.)

Mad About Plaid bedding