Keeping busy, also known as nesting

The Leger house has been pretty busy lately. Preparing for little brother and taking care of the normal household duties leaves little time left for “fun” things like writing. In the past couple of weeks Bryan has painted the nursery, put the crib together, painted the boys’ bathroom, we’ve bought new living room furniture, and … Continue reading Keeping busy, also known as nesting

Third trimester starts now!

Third trimester! Today marks my 27th week. I’ve got about 12 weeks to go. Yes, I did the math right. I haven’t formed cohesive thoughts about the delivery yet. I was recently told that I wouldn’t go past 39 weeks since I’ve been measuring a little more than a week a head. So, I know … Continue reading Third trimester starts now!

No more baby crib!

With no help from the Internet, we decided to take the plunge. {Y’all had NO comments?!} We got rid of the crib railing and put in the smallest, shortest rail to keep a wiggly toddler in check. As most toddler plans go, we didn’t get it done yesterday because someone decided to spend over two … Continue reading No more baby crib!

Nursery Update!

The nursery is 99% complete! It would be more complete if the rocking chair we purchased wasn’t broke. Yep, it isn’t straight and it doesn’t rock completely because there’s a piece of wood that extends too far in the back. It’s quite the bummer because it’s soft and overstuffed. We haven’t decided if we’ll try … Continue reading Nursery Update!

The first step in a nursery…

What’s the first thing you have to figure out when creating a nursery? The colors! Many internet hours went into the search for the perfect bedding for Baby Boy Leger. Criteria was specific – something that doesn’t become obsolete when he’s not a baby anymore. Ok, so no cutesy little animals. Check.¬†How about no animals … Continue reading The first step in a nursery…